Them Crooked Vultures!!!

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See, this qualifies as "Dino" to me (especially since mother'effin John Paul Jones is the bassist) but I don't want to ruffle any feathers (some Dinosaurs did have feathers apparently)....haven't seen any thing on the forum about these guys.

John Paul Jones, Josh Homme (Kyuss, QOTSA) and Dave Grohl!!! (Also the uber-talented Alain Johannes as the utility guy)  -  I'm hearing nothing but good stuff about this "super-group"....



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    It sounds cool...basically sounds like QOTSA....but that is a good thing. I like to see Grohl sticking to what he does best and play drums.
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    I'm not so sure about this, but my most anticipated supergroup yet is Shrinebuilder. That's going to destroy.
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  • +1 on Shrinebuilder!!!    Wino is more Dino than Dino....
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    [quote author=FugaziOsborne link=topic=8981.msg137191#msg137191 date=1251629399]
    +1 on Shrinebuilder!!!    Wino is more Dino than Dino....

    Is Shrinebuilder back on? I thought they were only doing it for a while, is it an on again/off again thing, a side project or full blown band?
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    The album is definitely on. They've also got a couple of shows lined up.
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    I was never a fan of QOTSA and similar stuff, so I'm not really looking forward to this. But I'll keep my eye open.

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    First impression, Them Crooked Vultures have done pretty good. Good to see Josh Homme playing something heavy(ier) and groovy again, but his vocals could definitely be rawer and heavier. The whole lite, indie friendly vocals don't go too well.
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  • Man I saw Wino a couple of weeks ago and totally forgot to ask him about the Shrinebuilders thing.  He did tell me that Vitus is back on although Armando is out, which is too bad 'cause I like Armando, he rules! (Hey Fugazi-there's an available drummer in Los Angeles for ya!)

    Them Crooked Vultures sounds pretty cool I think.  Every time JPJ does something, either producting a Butthole Surfers album or working with Diamanda Galas or this new project, it makes me think that maybe he was the hippest, most forward-thinking giuy in Led Zeppelin.  (ouch, talk about rufffling feathers)  But think about it-he's the one guy who has managed to keep from living in the past.
  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,323
    The Shrinebuilder is a very solid album. Sounds like something the four involved would put together if they're locked up in a studio over a couple of weekends.

    Them Crooked Vultures sounds like the current QOTSA albeit with a hard hitting drummer, a really good bass player and some strong 70s rock stylings. I'd take that because QOTSA has been boring me in the recent past.

    I'd agree with your comments about JPJ. His album Thunderthief is the proof.
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  • BTW, the whole TCV album is streaming on their website right now:

    I'm gonna check it out in a bit, meanwhile I'm getting my morning 'fired up' with FugaziO's band Behold! The Monolith, they are really great and their new album sounds awesome:

    (obligatory plug for a fellow Dino, sure-but this band really is fuckin' great!)
  • Late to this party (never occurred to me to search on it before)...

    I really like the TCV album. I hear some Physical Graffitti smeared on a lot of the songs. Definitely good to have some classic dino-stylings snuck onto "alternative" radio.
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    It does have it moments I must admit, far better than  I thought it was gonna be, Dave Grohl is a great drummer, I to think that is where he is best sat, never really dug on the Foo's, TCV are more, alot more Dino than I expecetd, JPJ is still one hell of a great player. rock on.
  • JoebuddhaJoebuddha Posts: 2,125
    I am extremely disappointed in this band.
    I expected a whole lot more, to me the whole album with the exception of a few riffs is completely lame.
    I wish they could have found a real singer, written some descent songs and gotten someone who knows how to get a drum sound produce the album.
    Boring crap...
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    I checked out some sound samples on Amazon and while it has its moments and with all due respect to JPJ
    I don't think this is something I will pursue
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    I'm with Joebuddha on this one...what i've heard is really really really awlful.

    I don't see what all the fuss is about.
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