This is a MODERATED forum with a code of conduct that is maintained and enforced.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you are NOT entitled to EXPRESS every opinion on a website I pay to provide. Members are here at the discretion of the DRG staff of admins and moderators.  And as with any establishment that provides a service, such as a store or a restaurant, if you get out of line, you will be removed if you can't control yourself.

The code of conduct is spelled out in detail here:

Please read them.

Here is an excerpt:

What kind of behavior will get me banned?

In general:

* Abrasive, antagonistic, or inciteful behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks on other members, flaming, and shit-stirring to incite other members.

* Being an asshole. Defined by me or my moderators as contributing nothing of value to the forum, and yet, causing problems. Contribute in a positive way to the forum, or take a hike. We don't need assholes here.

* Discrimination. The basics of every professional environment apply here: we do not discriminate against or tolerate derogatory comments based on race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation etc. Try that shit at your job and you'll probably get fired, and it's not acceptable here either. Beyond that, as I have friends in all of those categories, I find such comments offensive, personally.

Trying to skirt these rules in any way will also be considered cause for warning and removal.

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