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I'm talking about Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Blind Melon, ... All those bands which became really popular during the early 90s. There aren't too many artists I listen to who are labeled alternative. The ones I listed had a pretty unique and different sound but still had great musicians and a healthy amount of lead playing. I've been listening a lot to Saigon Kick's Water lately and while they're usually considered glam it sounds nothing like that, pretty good record, very experimental sometimes. Also, I bought a Tribe After Tribe album yesterday, Chris Frazier from Whitesnake on drums, very interesting stuff, I'd recommend it.

Which alternative bands do you enjoy listening to?


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    While I disagree with their politics and stuff, I love Rage.  I also enjoy some of the old Peppers stuff before they lost the real funk.
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    "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" is still one of my favourite albums. When it came out I couldn't believe how good it felt! But since then I really haven't been able to enjoy much of the RHCP stuff. It just seems like they make "generic RHCP stuff" too often.

    Rage Against the Machine.... It's a weird thing, I do like a lot of their music (and have played it in cover bands), but regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with their political stance, I really find it hard to take too much of any band or artist that insists on shoving their point of view down your throat constantly. Saw them last year, and the singer wasted an inordinate amount of time lecturing the audience, time that could have been better spent playing music.....

    :hmm: :rolleyes:

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    One of my favourite albums is Dig by I Mother Earth.
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    Man Dig by I Mother Earth was just incredible.  There was even great guitar on that album.  The rest of their catalogue is actually pretty good as well.  And Edwin's fist solo album had some great moments as well.  Janes Addiction had some interesting textures and I don't think I need to say anything about the Chilis.  They can still kick ass on the guitar front.

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    Does Living Colour count as Alt. Rock?
    That's a great band.  :ohyeah:
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    I always considered Living Colour more of a metal band myself, but i guess a case could be made.  I always loved their stuff.  That first album slayed me with those cacophonic riffs that made no theoretical sense but sounded oh so good.  Who woulda thunk that you could be knocked on your arse like that.  That whole first album spun my world around.  Excellent and they got better after that too.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

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    I like Alice in Chains, and some SOundgarden songs that have Sabbath-like riffs.
  • You know, I always thought Dave Navarro was a very good guitarist. Most people seem to hate him but I think that has more to do with his image and being on stupid reality shows which have nothing to do with his guitar playing. Some of his playing on Nothing's Shocking is simply great, pretty heavy and lots of attitude. He always sounded like a hard rock guitarist which played in an alternative band to me, with a bit of funk thrown in, though less obvious than Frusciante (who's even better I think). Perkins and Avery were very good too, though Perry Farrell's voice can be annoying. Don't have any other JAne's Addiction related stuff except for Sattelite Party, which wasn't bad but I was a bit disappointed. I thought a collaboration between Nuno and Farrell would be awesome but even though there are songs on which Nuno plays nearly all the instruments, I hear a lot of Perry Farrell and not much Nuno.

    I've been trying to get into "grunge" for a while though I'm still reluctant about buying an album. I got Warrant's Ultraphobic a while ago and loved it, sounds like a lot of stuff which was really popular at the time but the songs didn't suffer at all from them trying to get that alt/grunge sound. I love everything I've heard by Alice In Chains so I'll probably get Dirt soon. Pearl Jam ain't too bad either, McCready doesn't really have a lot of chops but he still does good things, still not entirely convinced though. Some of the Soundgarden songs I've heard are almost like Sabbath, Cornell has a great voice but I find the guitar playing pretty boring so I ain't sure about them either. I really don't think there's that much of a difference between grunge and glam, I mean when it comes to influences I hear a lot of 70s rock in both, they just focused on different aspects of it.
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    There are the obvious choices...I think Soundgarden, Janes Addiction and Tool are all great bands. I am one of the few on the forum that really likes Nirvana....thought the songwriting was really good, and I especially like the 'Bleach' and 'Incesticide' albums. I also like a band called Tad from Seattle. They had an album called 'Inhaler' that kicked much ass.

    If you are looking for something a bit different, look into some stuff by some of the Chicago bands of the 90's. I was really into The Jesus Lizard who had a great guitar player named Duane Dennison. He plays with Mike Patton of Faith No More in a cool band called Tomahawk now. Another Chicago band I really liked from that era was Urge Overkill. Very good Rock N Roll band with great guitar sounds.

    If you are looking for something that is more metal influenced but still a little on the alternative side, look for Mind Funk's 'Dropped'. It was their second album and was the best album noone ever talked about. They got away from their funk metal tendencies from the first album and had more of a AIC meets Soundgarden thing going on the second record. Really good band.

    Just about anything by Clutch is good. Another great album from a few years ago is C.O.C.'s 'In the Arms Of God'.
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    How about 24 7 Spyz.  IMO they are a great mix of metal, punk and funk.  Their guitar player Jimi Hazel's main two influeneces are Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel, hence the name.  Saw them on the first tour and they were insane.  General admission show at the old Trenton Arts Center.  The crowd almost detroyed the place.

    I also dig Living Colour and Vernon Reid.  I enjoy his work and have fortunate enough to see him many tikmes with other acts.
  • Although they aren't really alternative, I always really liked Peter Klett from Candlebox. Some of the solos on their first album are pretty choppy. Nice tone, too.

    Another not-so-alternative band that is a favorite of mind is Stone Temple Pilots. I know most people dislike Scott Weiland, but I love both the "Purple" and "Tiny Music" discs.
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    Although they aren't really alternative, I always really liked Peter Klett from Candlebox. Some of the solos on their first album are pretty choppy. Nice tone, too.

    Another not-so-alternative band that is a favorite of mind is Stone Temple Pilots. I know most people dislike Scott Weiland, but I love both the "Purple" and "Tiny Music" discs.


    Candlebox and STP were great back in the day.  You've just inspired me to pull out the first Candlebox album (well, CD, actually) and give it a spin.  It's been a long time since I've played their stuff...
  • I like STP when I'm in the mood. Scott seems like a dick but he's a good singer and talented musician even though some of his lyrics kinda suck. I might not know the right songs yet but Dean Deleo has yet to impress me though.
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    STP is a great band. 'Core' and 'No.4' are killer albums. I am glad Wieland is back with them. Was underwhelmed by his involvement with Velvet Revolver...
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    When I sometimes gravitate towards alt-rock, It´s when there´s things in it I can´t find in metal.
    In the late 80s, I was into industrial music for sheer Heavyness.
    For a time Metal weren´t heavy, so I was heavily into NIN (Broken ep) and Ministry´s psalm69.

    Both are records that should be mentioned in the same sentence as Master Of Puppets and Peace Sells...
    Skinny Puppys the Process is arguably the heaviest record ever made, without beeing detuned sludge/Doom stuff.
    I love that record, even if it´s all synth´s and samplers.

    The Young Gods´ two first albums are also gloriously heavy, just using synth´s and samplers, but they had a real drummer, which gave ´em a hard rock feel, which was great.
    Foetus I get into when I find metal to "Nice" and complacent.
    Christian Death and Sisters Of Mercy I was into, for their "Corrosive-ness".
    A sense of Danger from the first, and the Gothic Glam of the latter.

    But mostly I like alt-music for the melodies and songs, which is why I´m a great fan of Aussie Psychedelic-Pop/Alt-Rock band The Church, have been for years.

    Their "After Everything Now This" is one of the great records of this decade, as is their "Uninvited like the Clouds".
    And their Masterpiece; Priest=Aura were IMHO one of the best releases of the last century, I kid you not.

    For guitar I DON´T listen to alternative, except Dinosaur Jr which I very much still enjy, their new album, "The Farm" is great fun.
    I like most Death-Metal (Nile, Behemoth and Vader are GREAT !!) and obscure Black Metal bands from Sweden, like "Ondskapt" and "Funeral Mist" but that´s hardly alternative, is it ?
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