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    There is a certain irony to it. For as much crap as Zep have gotten for the extent of their "borrowing", they've certainly been quoted a lot. 
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    In the 80s it seemed as though everything was Zeppelin, including a lot of vocalists. It was actually kind of a bummer for me, since Zep wasn't really my thing. But hey, hard to knock such an influential band. I do own their last two studios and listen to Achilles Last Stand and Carouselembra (or however the hell you spell it) every now and then.

    Zep will always be the band that people resent me for not liking much LOL! I've actually had people unfriend me on FB for taking down their Zep posts on my wall, leaving their Zep groups, or even just mentioned my not being a fan. Same with Pink Floyd, I've had people look at me like I'm out of my mind for not liking them.

    More power to them, whatever inspires a person in a positive way is more than good to me :) Just don't push Zep (or Floyd) down my throat, I've had that done waaay too many times over the years with the radio and glorified clone bands.

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  • Aside from the personal influence the Zep members had on individual musicians (i.e. Page's influence on guitarists, Plant's on singers etc.) you can hear their songwriting hallmarks in lots of other bands, and it's not always a blatant thing.  Just to pull things back to the songwriting a bit . . .
    What's the impact of one particular song? 

    Legions of Punk rock bands were actually influenced by Communication Breakdown -- as much as they were influence by anything done by The Who.  

    One could contend that Whole Lotta Love started the whole Cock Rock genre (other Zep tunes solidified it) that spawned bands like Whitesnake.

    Kashmir -- any time anyone writes with an Arabian feel and using those scales, it kind of goes back to Kashmir.  Even the song Perfect Strangers was linked to it.

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    We are all an amalgam of our personal influence, like it or not.
    Some of us wear it on heir sleeves more than most. But in the end nothing with a mere twelve notes to choose from is ever going to be ""genuinely" original.
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