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    How funny-Shawn is certainly reminiscent of Kennison, or maybe a less deranged Zoogz Rift, or a less profane Billy Milano or something...it's just funny to see him rock the mic!

    Buckethead I think is totally great-he's an amazing player and performer, a musical/visual/conceptual artist in every respect.

    Turn the volume down and just watch...the response will be "That guitar player is crazy"
    Turn the volume UP and listen...and the response is likely "That guitar player IS CRAZY!"
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    Buckethead is an interesting enigma.  He is very talented and a phenom guitarist with chops to spare, yet he prefers to remain anonymous.  He can pretty much play anything, one of those guitarists who almost over-diverse for most people so they pick and choose what they want to hear from him.  I have enjoyed a lot of his stuff, but as someone else I belive has said none of it really sticks in my head.  However, the character that is Buckethead remains.  Not sure what that says.  He is definitely good though.

    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

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    I just picked up the EP Chicken Noodles I.  It is just Buckethead on Guitar and Travis Dickerson on Fender Rhodes.  I haven't listened to it but I did rip it to my IPOD.  I expect that it will be very similar to Chicken Noodles II.
  • Okay, I checked this song out on youtube... Wow, its really great...  I think people write him off way to quickly.... Of all the virtuosos, I get him the most... I see where he is going (at least on songs like this).  I prefer this to Bumble's stuff and it seems more straight forward than Guthrie.  Its very tasty.

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    I am a huge Buckethead fan, seen him 2 times last year at small clubs in Chicago.  The guy has fun at his shows thats for sure.  I have quite a few of his CD's and I don't love everything he does but for the most part the guy is just good.  I have not looked but I have a concert of his from a couple years ago.  He does a song called Red Hot Momma that starts off blusey and just is amazing.  I'll have to see if I can find a you tube link for it.
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