NOOOOO!!!! Not Mary Ann!

One of my first childhood crushes. RIP, Dawn Wells.

Tina Louise, AKA Ginger, is now the sole survivor. I knew this would happen - she was the one cast member who despised her connection to the show, and now it's up to her to perpetuate its legacy.
Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!


  • Oh damn. Quite an iconic figure in american tv. I have it on good authority she jumpstarted a lot of guys thru puberty...

  • pprovostpprovost Posts: 2,659
    Shit. Another piece of my childhood gone. Dawn brought that girl next door appeal to the role, which made her much more identifiable (and sexier) to the masses than the Marilyn Monroe vibe of the Ginger character.

    RIP, Dawn.
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  • Ah shit.

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  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,190
    Sad indeed, but I was a Ginger guy myself..... :/

    Still, she was great & definitely a gorgeous woman.

    RIP Mary Ann 
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,607
    Oh wow....that sucks. I remember her being on talk shows in the mid 90's and she still looked amazing. She was beautiful for sure. 
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