Unlearning parts you got wrong for a long time

Anyone else gone thru this? There's a lot of songs out there that I have played my own way for over 20 years, and while practicing lately I have made a general purpose of getting them the way they should be played. I might practice for a bit, generally get it right, then when I actually try to play the song along with a recording of it, I fall back to old habits. I notice this with a lot of songs, to be honest...

So I guess I am asking if this is something you have experienced. I suppose muscle memory is all I can do, but it irks me that unlearning what I originally got wrong is the hardest part. Old habits die hard, I suppose...


  • The're lots of parts on songs I dind't do the effort to learn. Sometimes because some lazyness, but, in other cases, because I prefer preserving the mystery.

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    Fair enough. There's some songs in which I don't really care, but in others, there are parts so iconic my curiosity gets the best of me LOL. 
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    It's a pain to unlearn and relearn something. Kind of a dumb story, but when I was little I learned to tie my shoes differently than other people. It mostly worked, except the laces would come untied a bit more easily so I'd do double knots. I tied my shoes like that from when I was probably 6 to when I was 40. At 40 decided to learn the normal way. It took a good 6 months before that became my default for tying my shoes, and 5 years later that's still the case. 

    For guitar stuff that I learned wrong, it's a lot easier if I actually learned something with a wrong note rather than just an alternative fingering. That note gives my brain something to latch onto, whereas the fingering really only provides a visual cue. Regardless, it still comes down to spending a lot of time running and rerunning the every single day to retrain. For me it's not enough to just do that a couple times per week when I feel like it, I need to do it every day until I can't do it any other way. 
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    Because  I did not much classes, most part self, I decided avoiding open strings, in order to apply everything I learn to any key. 
    That, s wrong with rock guitar in so many ways... Still relearning many licks and songs. 
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    Unlearning is never a problem for me :lol: 

    I’m very bad at memorizing music parts. And I generally forget them almost overnight. 

    This is a bit strange, because for almost every other occupation, I have a very strong memory (although I it's no longer the freakish thing it used to be -- getting older sucks).

    I guess it’s because I haven’t played in a band since the 80s, so I have very little incentive to learn songs. Most of the time I probably just do that on a superficial level, even if it’s not a conscious thing. 
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