Leslie West, RIP

I threw me guitar out. Why bother? Why bother? Use it as a coffee table. Because I can't play it like that. 
-- David St. Hubbins.
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  • So sorry to hear,  was magnificent knebworth 85, the only time saw live
  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,190
  • oh geez. even in the end, 2020 just won't quit...
  • BytorBytor Posts: 1,699
    Dang, I was just talking with a friend about him yesterday :'(
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    The dick punches just won't stop.
    Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!
  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,817
    Always loved Leslie and the original MOUNTAIN, One of my all time favorites. I remember on my 18th birthday going to Philly at the Spectrum to see one of the best concerts i ever went to....

    Humble Pie opened the show.
    Special Guest was Black Sabbath
    Mountain headlined. Awesome triple bill. RIP Leslie!
  • Seven MoonsSeven Moons Posts: 8,941
    Another one from the first wave of Dinosaur rock is gone. Acknowledged as a major influence by Schenker, and many others. RIP.

  • I heard Nantucket Sleighride as the theme to a UK TV series called Weekend World in around 1972. 

    I thought - What the Fuck is that !!!

    Fan ever since - RIP !

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    A picture is worth a thousand words...

    RIP Leslie :dissapointed: 
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    I never listened to that much Leslie West. My brother was a fan of Mountain and had some of the albums when I was in High School. I liked what I head but never dove into him or Mountain that much. Was listening to a live version of 'Nantucket Sleigh Ride' yesterday....great song. Also watched a live video of the original band playing a festival and playing "Them From An Imaginary Western". Felix had a great voice....and Leslie was kind of ahead of his time as a player. RIP....
  • DonthegreekDonthegreek Posts: 2,817
     Nobody ever mentions Felix, He and Leslie were a killer team.
  • Yes, they were. I was listening to Theme From An Imaginary Western myself the day he passed. Live as well, might have bee the same video Duojett mentioned. Killer vocals by Felix. And of course, those solos... damn. Leslie was a gigantic influence on Schenker, no question. It´s just there.
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  • TravisWTravisW Posts: 1,047
    I first heard Mountain while watching the movie Vanishing Point. I'm pretty sure I started growing facial hair after that. He played an interestingly pivotal role in my development as a guitar player. He was talking about Theme From an Imaginary Western in an interview and said that F#m was the relative minor to A major, so he just soloed in F#m and it worked. The concept clicked. I was able to apply that all over the fretboard. It wound up being the main thing that connected majors and minors and helped build the framework for me to understand how modes work. 

    Goes to show what one passing comment can do for a kid. 
  • TravisW said:

    Goes to show what one passing comment can do for a kid. 
    I fully agree. I read all the interviews I could as a kid, in many cases about guys talking about songs I hadn't heard myself. And it resonated. I opened my ears to know what to look for and also, what stuff I should be checking out. I probably heard Deep Purple and UFO because I read younger guys admired them, and that just opened the floodgates for me. 
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