Diego Maradona

As if 2020 couldn't suck even more, the greatest soccer/football player in history has passed away.
This year has not only taken from me my musical heroes but also my sports heroes.


  • Oh fuuuuuuuck
  • Dr NickDr Nick Posts: 3,697
    Really sad - but this has been coming for a while. He battered his body with drugs, alcohol and too much rich living. 
    But probably the best football player ever.
  • VandenbergVandenberg Posts: 3,939
    A great player for sure, one of the greatest football player yes, the greatest? No chance. imho
    But RIP to a true talent  
  • The debate of him being the greatest ever has been going on since I was a small child. I saw him play in the 86 world cup, and he was a force to be reckoned with. Legend for sure and one of the very best of all time for sure. 
  • south american football passion is second to none.  Maradona will always be #1!  RIP
  • Greatest player I've ever seen, but a horrible human being and a cheat 
  • As the resident Argentinian I fell obliged to chip in.
    Right now the whole country is in commotion, as hundred of thousands gather at the Presidential House for the funeral (Covid protocols are going out the windows, which is likely to become a problem later on)
    Although I love football (soccer for the Americans) I was born in 92 and didn't enjoy Maradona´s playing carrer, instead I witnessed his downfall into a drug fiend who engaged in questionable, if not criminal activities, associated himself with dictators and corrupt officials and made a complete fool of  himself, and to some point, of the whole Argentinian People, almost every time he stepped on the public eye. His death doesn't really impact me, especially when compared to EVH's death last month.
    With all this said, I completely understand the worlwide impact of this man's life and death, I see it very similar to the way a lot of us idolice musicians who also made very, very poor life choices. Sometimes a person's work touches the life of so many millions of people in such a profund way, that, in a fascinating social phenomena, that person is elevated to a god-like state by the masses, and allow him to get away with almost anything. This is especially true when talking about football in Argentina, and many parts of the world. Combine that with the patriotic, nationalistic feel that the National Team generates, and Maradona's underdog, rags to riches story and you get a very clear picture of the man's status here.
    I certainly don't share the sentiment of millions in Argentina and the rest of the world right now, but I understand it 100%
  • Brilliantly put !
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