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Hey all, it's been a while. Hope you're all doing okay with this awful Covid disaster. Not much going on here, we've all been at home since March. My daughter is doing a full year of online school and my wife has been working at home instead of going in to her office since the beginning of this. It looks unlikely that she will be going back before the summer, and my daughter will not go back to in person school until fall of 21. 

Anyway, so I finally got a good band together, and then the Covid thing happened and it fell apart. Well, that and my singer was unfortunately very difficult to work with. Great singer, not a great attitude. Anyway, here's a clip from the last rehearsal we had back in March. I'm using my Friedman BE100, and very very happy with my live tone at this point. Myself and the drummer are continuing, in January hopefully when this vaccine starts to proliferate and things start getting back to normal we will start auditioning singers and bass players. 

The bass player on this clip is a great guy, a great bass player but he wound up joining something else after this fell apart. Not that there's any gigs here. A few of the well-established local bands were playing a bit but now they just locked down the state for 3 weeks and there'll be no bars or restaurants so that's in the crapper again too. Stay strong people, this too shall pass. 


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    Sounds great. Nice guitar tone for sure. The singer is capable, but not very interesting or memorable. A song like that calls for some grit on vocals and I think she seriously lacks that. Musically I think you guys nailed it. That song is so much fun to play. Good luck with the next project. 
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    Thanks Duo. Yea, she was good but I'm sure I can do better. It's just a matter of finding the right people. Thanks again bro, hope you and yours are all well.
  • Rig sounds good, Nick. I agree with Mark about the singer. She's not much more than a vocal place-holder.
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  • You sound great, awesome tone, and the drummer is spot on. Glad you are gonna keep working with him. Bass player is solid too but I would definitely pick the drummer if i had to choose who to continue working with.

    Singer is good, but that's about it. Still better than the one a friend had a few years ago. I swear to god, she was the most boring person I have ever seen to put a step on a stage. she sounded great. hell of a voice, but you could have replaced her with a recording and the result would have been the same. I felt sad because my friend was very excited and felt his band was sounding great, but to this day I wonder if she was a human looking android or something of the sort. 
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    Thanks guys. Appreciate the compliments. And I now feel less bad about it not working out with her as the vocalist. Onward and upward! 
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