Wolfie VH Distance

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You make a video clip with images of your dad, but... your dad is Eddie Van Halen.

A good bye clip, very emotional.

The song? Not bad. That pop/rock thing so usual nowadays, played by Wolf on any instrument.

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  • pdf0427pdf0427 Posts: 182
    The tears flowed watching that video.  
  • pdf0427 said:
    The tears flowed watching that video.  

    Yes. The last image, with Eddie like an old dad stealing some bit of a candy, with "catched" face... Dad and son only. Not stars. 
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    I have been watching it since it came out, I cry like baby every time.
    I don't know about you guys but I lost my dad to cancer when he was 63 and I was 24. This just makes me miss him even more than usual.
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    Total tear jerker. The end with the voicemail where Eddie says for Wolfie to call him and just wants to hear his voice. Oh boy, tears were flowing at that point. The whole video is amazing, it's a great song and also it's just a father and son. It's not evh the rock guitar god, it's just a loving father and his boy. Really gets to me. 
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