Old Amp Day - Marshall DSL50

I was on Facebook Marketplace a few months ago, not even looking for any amps, and it popped up a Marshall DSL50 with a JCM800 slant cab. $700 for both. It was local, so I checked it out. The cab was rough looking, and the amp had some rips in the tolex. I gave the guy $650 and went merrily on my way. 

The amp was built in 2000. The reverb doesn't work (not that I care), but everything else works and sounds very good. I should have bought one of these years ago. The clean is nice, the crunch is nice...it basically does all the things I want an amp to do very well. The cabinet has some very worn-in GT12-75s, which aren't my favorite speaker but with enough miles on the cones they can sound pretty good. I've pretty much been playing through that amp exclusively since I got it. 


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