The Dream is Over- More love for EVH

Why no?
If you have so much home time because the COVID, use it in some productive way.

Song Notes:
1- This poppy song appears on the FUCK album, with Sammy Hagar, and it's the second to last, before another great poppy song (Top of the Word). I suposse it's something intentional, because the rest of the album is full of rocker songs.

2- The song carries some "Ain't talking about love" flavour on the main riff, with the arpegiated part, and the two chord verse.

3- And, the Eddie part: unexpected, even knowing the band. A big flash enter three trade mark liks from King Ed and exit to the main motif. Only 20 seconds: fast legato run, trem bar ala Jeff Beck, pinch armonics, dive bomb... Nothing new on the catalog, in fact, they're are the usual Ed's licks, but the magic make them a coherent piece of music.

4- Outro guitar figures with hamered armonics (Dance the Night Away style).

5- I can't reproduce the vocal part, but it's a incredible arrangement.

Playing/recording notes:

1- Every single note is played/recorded using FREE software. Reaper DAW, Nalex Cruncher (Friedman), Grinder (Bass amp), Steven Slate free drum software.

2- Years ago, I'd tried the solo, and I was unable to figure out how to play it. The notes where there, but not the technique. Now, in no more than 7 minutes I was able to play it, not perfectly, but good enough. I think something good is happening with that time of health crisis (at least, to my playing).

3- As always, my take it not perfect, but, I'd spend no more than 4 hours of song learning, recording and drum programming. What more do you want for so short time? It's my challenge: do it acceptable on the shortest time possible. =)


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