The Many Secrets of Eddie Van Halen

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My cousin just started a new website and he asked me to write something about EVH for him to publish, so I did. My thing is called THE MANY SECRETS OF EDDIE VAN HALEN and it's pretty short. I wrote about what I learned from growing up idolizing him, as so many of us did. The thing is here if you want to check it out:

I was totally wrecked by the news, which I'm still processing, but writing this made me feel less terrible. 
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  • beautifully and concisely stated.  one gift Eddie gave me, in retrospect, was the ability to think circularly.  for me, that's one thing that makes a lot of his imitators pale by comparison.  they're just blazing scales over changes, and using simple things that fit, without consideration for the chord changes.  EVH did not do this.  he had this gift for knowing that he would land on his feet, even if he maybe didn't know how he was gonna do that..  lol  
  • thanks man. and yes i totally agree that knowing how to land on his feet is a major EVH trademark
    My music videos and everything else:
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