Two Notes Wall Of Sound

I’ve started using my PC more and more for practicing/jamming so have been looking at different ways of getting a decent rock tone. 

I’ve been pretty happy with the plugins that I’ve been using so far but my wife bought me an EVH MXR 5150 Overdrive for my birthday and I’m really impressed with the sound of it. Initially I just plugged it into my interface and had a listen to it in Reaper. As you might expect, it sounded like a host of bees in a jam jar. 

Having a quick look on the internet I came across the Two Notes Wall Of Sound IR plugin. 

For about ten bucks you can buy one of a number of cabinets. The plugin itself lets you choose a power amp, cabinet, mikes and mike setup and add some reverb. 

The sound of the 5150, into an EL84 power amp with a couple of mics and some reverb is pretty damn good if I say so myself. I then added some chorus from a free Nercuriall plugin and hey presto - instant 80’s rock!


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