Diana Rigg Dies at 82

According to CNN, actress Diana Rigg has died. She was 82. Diana is best remembered for her role as Emma Peel in the 1960's spy TV show "The Avengers". She was a Bond Girl. She also played Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones.



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  • Yep. I remember her from The Avengers.
    I threw me guitar out. Why bother? Why bother? Use it as a coffee table. Because I can't play it like that. 
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  • I thought she was hot as hell when I saw that Bond movie, when I was a kid. On her majesty’s secret service, iirc.

    she was also one of my favorite characters on Game of Thrones. Glad to see she had a long and cool career.
  • 82 is not a bad run, but that's sad nonetheless. I watched The Avengers so many times as a kid... I loved that series. Mrs Peel and her Lotus Elan were the epitome of swinging '60s English coolness. And what a cutie:  


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    Awwww that sucks.She was smokin'  hot back in the day.Great run indeed.

    There was a local band from the Seattle area that made the big time with their hit song "Emma Peel" .....the Allies, if I  remember correctly....

    RIP Diana Rigg
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    She was class and a half that lady RIP The Dame
  • Elegant, sassy, intelligent, beautiful they don't make them like her any more.  Her character in GoT was a real scene stealer.  RIP
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