Strymon Timeline: NOT a delay pedal necessarily

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One of my favorite things to do with pedals and gear is to find sounds and applications that are totally not what they're meant to do, and then run with it and see how good I can get it to sound (or if not good, then extreme and weird). I recently made a short video of me doing that with the Strymon Timeline, which is a delay pedal, but I found ways to make it reproduce a bunch of other effects that are unrecognizable as delay:

Ring modulation
Digitech Whammy–style pedal
Fake pedal steel simulator
Pitch shifter
"Synth" engine

Most of these sounds are not typical dino territory (although I do think the chorus sounds better than many dedicated chorus effects), but I thought the pedal/recording geeks here might enjoy it, just on the level of tweaking gear in extreme ways.

Here's the video:

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