Completed my Stereo Pedal board.

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I decided to split to two pedal boards. One for Mono and one for Stereo. I used my existing board, because of it's large size, for the Stereo board and built a smaller pedal board for my Mono setup. I'm still completing the Mono board but I've finished the Stereo board and thought I'd share some pictures.  

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    Looks fun. Especially the ADA. Would love to hear what it sounds like.
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    Yeah, that A/DA Flanger is giving my ears a woody!
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    I finished the mono board this morning. I'm hoping to mainly use it with my Star Sirius 30 R'Verb amplifier. I'm going for more of a Classic Rock / Blues Rock Vibe. While most of my amps run EL84s the Star uses two EL34Bs.

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    So ........ the stereo board is all about the '65 to '70 Psychedelic era and the mono board is all about '67 to '77 Classic Rock / Blues Rock. I like the way my pedal storage shelves are emptying out. I'm thinking I might make a Country music / Telecaster specific pedal board next. Do country players ever use Wah Wahs? I've got a boatload of those taking up shelf space.

    A Country board could utilize my Keeley compressor, Hermida Audio Zendrive 2, original Empress Tremolo and  strymon El Capistan dTape Echo. I'd probably run it into my 1984 hand wired Fender Concert 4 X 10" with 6L6GCs.

    I'm tired of just collecting effects. I want to put all of them on boards so they get used. The pedals I've retained are all "Keepers". They just need to be "purposed" so they feel a sense of value and contribution to the world of music. Sometimes .... at night .... I hear them in the studio crying, sounding in real pain, anguishing over their lot in life. Beautifully built. Excellently voiced. Sitting on a shelf with gaping jacks that haven't been royally penetrated for a God awful time.  A hefty 1/4" jack, (size matters), with a rock hard straight shaft is a dream that needs to come true for any and all pedals. 
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    I'm having more than a touch of pedal-envy here!
    I only have a Tubescreamer and a little Mooer booster, so it's hardly worth building a board for them...

    Seeing your Jerry Cantrell wah, I remember that you posted a while back about not knowing much about him. Did you ever get to check out any of his work?
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    My wife, Debi, lives on that side of the musical world. Alice in Chains is normal in her world. She showed me what so many other listeners like so much. I get it. I especially liked Jerry's contributions. Other than that I know very little about Jerry, (other than his good taste in Cry Baby Wahs).  His Signature Dunlop Cry Baby Wah is excellent. It's the first normal, (vs. boutique), wah wah I've bought in many years.
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    Nice boards Rick! Can't wait to hear what they sound like.
    Did you do the woodwork on those boards yourself?
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    Yes. Select pine boards from Home Depot, wood screws and finished with Varathane stain & polyurethane in Golden Pecan. The coating is water based so it's a simple cleanup. I like boards that can carry one or more power supplies within rather than on top. They get to be expensive on the market. I'm not worried about weight because I don't play out. They stay in my studio. The larger 2 tier board's parts ran around $60.00, (the top is ply rather than hardwood). The smaller board cost about $50.00 for the parts.

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    All of my power is supplied by a combination of different Voodoo Labs Pedal Power versions and Furman power conditioners and surge protectors. On the stereo board big time but for all boards in general I've found the incoming power to be the biggest source of "back round noise" issues. True isolated DC outputs and conditioned AC power coming in was the magical combination that created virtual silence in the signal chain.
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