now THIS is what i don't need!

1965 Super Reverb.  there's only one nicer than this available on EBay and, an FEI 1964, but it's $1000 more.  those Weber speakers, although much nicer than vintage Jensens, are what knock the value down a little.  this behemoth is 65lbs of nightclub WHOOP ASS.  when a Super is dialed in and you're in the real meat of the volume knob, around 5 or 6, the only thing else you need is a guitar and a cord.


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    Duojett71 said: back aches just looking at that...
    yep.  my ears, too.
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    ..AAAND it's already sold!  unsurprising.  one thing about Supers, is they're still relatively cheap, compared to other blackface Fenders.  for the price of a Vibroverb, for example, you can buy a '64 FEI Super and Deluxe Reverb, and still have enough scratch left over for a nice MIM Fender.  Fender must have made an absolute fuckton of Supers and Deluxes, because you can't touch any other blackface amp at twice the price they're going for.  the price of a nice Super has been holding at around $2k now, for 10 years plus.
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    I didn't need it either, but I just bought a Deluxe Reverb and I'm really happy I did. I'm amazed at how much clean headroom this thing has, and it sounds really full-bodied even at a reasonably low volume. I bought a stereo cable to use the Ric-o-sound jack on my Rickenbacker 620/12, and I like the sound of plugging into both sides of this amp for the middle setting. Clara Peller would have all the beef she wanted and then some!

    I had a Super-Sonic a couple years back, but traded it when I needed ( !! ) another Les Paul.
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