Confined video #1 Steve Vai, Lotus Feet


  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 628
    This is fab, but have to say - just watched your Kill The King on YT and that solo absolutely killed - My favourite of your repertoire to date.
  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,802
    Ill upload now. 
  • Tatosh GuitarTatosh Guitar Posts: 2,313
    Incredible technique. Obviously a different guitar than the one on the Rainbow video, but I gotta ask, what bridge do you have on it? This will prove people you don't need a floyd for this type of playing... I'm impressed.
  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,802
    It's my homecaster.
    All Parts body/neck, reclaimed electronics from who knows what guitars, gotoh blocking tuners, G&L rail pickups, Super V bridge.

    It's a very good bridge. I dont have the body routed to a floating bridge, so it adjusted jeff Beck style.
    It's smooth an responsible. And, I think, good sounding (not like a proper 6 screw fender, nothing sounds like the real thing). 
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