Lots of Elton fans here - So watch Rick Beato analysing Rocket Man

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    I remember when I did something similar and discussed how great that MIX and production is. I did it with text and time markers. 

    Of course it's way more effective via video, and he has the ability to solo the parts, which is fabulous.  Everything about this track is wonderful. We covered it in Feints and played it live on the radio (I have a copy), but never recorded it. Partially because there's no way to better this mix. And even if Amy had recreated all the background vocals -- which she could have done, it probably wouldn't have sounded better than the way those guys in that band sang together. 
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    I love when Beato does these and this one is among his best.
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    Sorry but nothing beats Dino Dave's dissection of a song or a player. I like reading it so much that Beato's thing seems to me a poor try. 
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