Can't Keep Up. I'll Focus on "Classic" Gear.

          I find myself reading posts in the amplifier and effects forum sections that sound like episode out of "The Jetsons". I keep expecting Astro to come in and lay at my feet. Sometimes it sounds more like computer talk than guitar gear talk.
          I'm going to stop attempting to post replies in these threads because 1). I find myself in disagreement with tone related opinions. 2). I'm constantly having to go to youtube to try and figure out what posters are hearing and leave more confused than I was going in. I'm not hearing anything close to what the posts describe. 3). I'm finding many terms being used require research on my part to figure out what's being talked about. 4). I just don't agree with most of the posters but, because many other members do, I figure I've just reached an age where I'm now out of the loop. It's on me. The fault is on me.
          I'll be reserving my input to gear, tone, music, etc. to the accepted classics. I'm not saying new builds won't garner my interest. They'll just have to be new builds based on "classics". New tube amps based on the Fender Twin, Marshall Plexi, Hiwatt, Orange, Vox, etc., etc.  
          I just can't keep up anymore. I don't even text! (honestly). I hate the format. I need to hear someones voice to truly understand what they're trying to communicate. I figure long ago I had to give up watching body language just to use the telephone. Now I'm expected to give up the qualities and inflections of the voice speaking to me. How do texters have a clue to the emotions, place they're coming from during texts between them and someone else?
          I'm fading away. I'll always be interested and be able to provide content on "Classic" builds of amps, effects and guitars. I recently noted that even Speakers being offered and praised on many forums using new lighter weight magnets sound like total crap to my ears. I figure when over 50 % of the latest and greatest sounds like shit warmed over to me yet receive praise from so many others it's time for me to move to the back of the bus.
          I just don't have the time to even try to keep up. For that matter .... I don't want to keep up.


  • JoebuddhaJoebuddha Posts: 2,129
     I agree with you Rick.
     I am a bit of a technophobe anyway.
  • SnoogansSnoogans Posts: 1,683
    I'm right with you there.
    That's why we call ourselves Dinos!
    Official DRG threadkiller
  • Tatosh GuitarTatosh Guitar Posts: 2,016
    Nothing wrong with that. I am pretty sure you are old enough to be my father, and even so, ten years ago you wouldn't have caught me dead with a non tube amp or active pickups.

    I am on the early stages of digital, basically bacause I need a tool for silent practice, having a baby at home and all that. So far the results are positive. Amplitube sounds much better than I expected. Does it sounds as good as my fender or marshall amps? Hell no. But it does a great job for what I need it.
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