Happy Birthday Amy !!!

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Amy ! I hope you have a wonderful birthday !!! Congratulations on 39 years of age !!!

           I understand Dave's been spending a lot of time on the phone with a specialty travel agent offering an all inclusive Dirigible To Vienna vacation trip.
          Attend a concert at Wiener Musikverein.
          Accept an invitation to take the stage and join with the Vienna State Opera in their 'Salute to Heart' at 
Wiener Staatsoper. 
          Be one of the elite audience members attending the 'Tribute to Led Zeppelin" performed by the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra at Wiener Konzerthaus.
         Join locals as they form a parade to the countryside to gather at the site of the birthplace of the Vienna sausage.
         Finally ..... thrill to the return flight to New York via the Austrian state sponsored fleet of 'Mary Poppins' Umbrellas with travel bags. Note* The large central umbrella will offer an open bar from time of departure to time of arrival.

Happy Birthday Amy !!!!!
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