Got me a Strat (for now)

Went to the online Gary Moore auction looking to buy his 335 but it went for too much.  However I spotted a couple of other (Non GM) guitars that I kept an eye on and ended buying this.

Its  a 1993 Strat Special edition with gold hardware, 3 ply pearloid guard and Texas specials

Its Montego black which is black with tiny gold specks, but apart from the strings beings strips of rust, there appears to be just 1 ding on the body and a couple of the saddles have lost the gold.  With new strings and a clean/setup it will owe me about £700. 

Has the original hard case, the trem arm and plenty of candy 

There were only ever 400 made and good condition ones are going for £1200-£1500 so I will probably flip it.



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