Bob Rock on the Greeny LP

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It's a long interview, but here's the part (minute 53:20) where he describes what it was like playing the Greeny Les Paul after Kirk Hammett got it.
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    I wonder how much Bob got paid to say Kirk's vibrato is beautiful when playing Greeny....
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    Hmmm. Maybe it was just give and take. I'll let you play Greeny if you gush over my vibrato when I play Greeny.

    If Bob's an honest man I'm sure he hesitated before answering. When he then thought about actually getting offered a chance to play Greeny in return for stating the falsehood he probably came to the conclusion that doing so would do no harm. No guitarist would be fooled and most who figured out the arrangement would realize that if the same offer landed in their lap they'd do it too. They would forgive him.

    Guitarists in general are a very very very forgiving lot. ;)

    We can also pee with great accuracy.

  • I don't know... I think you guys are giving Bob way too much credit. I mean, this is the same guy who, while producing the black album, struggled for weeks to get Kirk the tone for The Unforgiven, because they wanted to nail the Still Got the Blues tone, with dozens of processors and the like. I read Kirk's interview, years and years ago, where he talked about this. The I read another interview with Gary, where they told him this and went "well, they will never get it that way. It's  just a Les Paul thru a JTM 45."

    I guess what I am saying is, these guys really are clueless. He might actually think Kirk has a good vibrato, for all we know.
  • I don't like Kirk Hammet's vibrato or feel at all, and I do like Bob Rock. But I could believe he genuinely likes Hammet's vibrato when he says so. As a producer he might just like it because it's different, or even because it's bad. Sometimes when you spend all day long working really hard on commercial stuff, the best thing ever is something that sounds gnarly and terrible. Like Kirk. Who knows.
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