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  • Maybe its me, but I never gave a shit how a riff was originally played.  Hetfield uses all downstrokes?  Good on him, I'm not gonna.

    Iommi played Iron Man on the E and A strings?  Cool.  He uses ultra-light gauge strings and I use 12-56 in standard, so A and D work just fine for me.

    I've always felt that it was about the attitude.  If you get the attitude right, it'll sound right. I'm not Hetfield or Iommi, so why try to play like them?

    Plus these guys change it up all the time themselves anyway.

    Metallica in '86.  Is it my imagination or is Hetfield alternate picking some of those riffs that are supposed to be all downstrokes?

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    I've still to learn the main Captain Nemo theme, only recently got  on top of Doctor Doctor live version lol. Probably many others.....eg LA connection . How about everyone else?
    That one is difficult but no imposible.
    Many open A and hamer ons. 
    The hardest part could be thw arpegio break, before the ending melody. 
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    Those days I'm trying (for enesime time) the open section on the solo for I'll see the light tonight (YJM).

    That fingering, with so many combinations of 3/4th fingers is a pain and kills my patience.

    And, I'm mad with that pentatonic lick from Lynch, b7/5 very fast with some b5 inside (wich spices up the lick). 

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    Dr Nick said:
    Not a specific riff, but I've seriously neglected the fast downstroke move - I tend to alternate pick instead, which for something like Number of the Beast, makes for interesting string skipping moments. 

    I was better at playing that one when I was 20 than now. Getting the whole alternate thing going kinda screwed my downstrokes, and that kinda bugs me.

    Also, like others in this thread, I don't think I have ever been fully able to play that opening link to Sweet Child Of Mine right. Mostly because I don't care for that song or GnR in general. But I feel I should be able to play it since everybody and their mamma does...Also, my wife is not familiar with 90% of the stuff I usually play, but that one she knows, and has commented aloud on how I can't play it, which pisses me cause she probably thinks I suck at guitar, period. To be fair, she is probably right anyway... :'(

    Sólo por hacerte rabiar, Tato :-) 

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    Sólo por hacerte rabiar, Tato :-) 

    Funny guy... come to think about it, I should probably use this time to master it. It's not even that difficult to be honest...

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