Happy new year, DRG peeps.



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    Happy New Year everyone! 

    @inmyhands I agree with everything you said in your last post especially with "Let 2020 be the year we're finally willing to give to gain".
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    I don't see a lot of questions in Rick's post. I just see an elaboration of the ideals presented in John Lennon's Imagine
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
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    Happy New Year, lads and lasses!

    NYE was an awesome date night with my wife. NYD was spent eating my mother in law's meatloaf, black eyed peas and collard greens, and watching college football. Halfway successful, my team won their bowl but my wife's team lost theirs.
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    Happy New Year All

    Raise the Bar
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    I spent New Year's Eve and Day with this Metal woman who seems preposterously nuts about me. The feeling is mutual...even if I still have lingering reservations due to a hellaciously bad break up in 2018 (that some folks here helped me through in all kinds of ways...my gratitude is boundless). 

    I'm not sure how much better starting the New Year's could be...to be with people you love who love you back. Based on this, 2020 looks the most promising year I've had in over ten years.
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  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,473
    Glad to hear that, Andy.  Go slow. Take your time and enjoy it. 
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
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    Bit late to the party but wish everyone a marvelous 2020! I know I am set for some big things as I finally graduate from the university - didn't see that one coming :) 

    Beautiful post Rick, thanks for that <3 
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