• MarshallLawMarshallLaw Posts: 200
    First Concert - Willie Nelson 1978
    Last Concert - Elvis Costello 2019
    Best Concert - Yngwie & AC/DC 1985
    Worst Concert - KISS 2019
    Seen The Most - Yngwie
    Next Concert - ?
    Most Fun Concert - Rough Cutt & Dio 1985
    Surprised Me The Most - Pitbull at Jazzfest 2019
    Wish I Could See - Jimi Hendrix
    Celebrating the era of 'hand-made rock' - Michael Schenker
  • The SeekerThe Seeker Posts: 574
    First Gig - Genesis and Van der Graff Generator   (Derby 1971)
    Last Gig - Mostly Autumn
    Best Concert - Eagles, Beach Boys and Elton John at Wembley OR Rainbow 1976
    Worst Concert - Neil Diamond
    Seen the most (Real artist) - Elton John
    Seen the most (Tribute act) - Nearly Dan (31 times)
    Next Concert - Peter Frampton
    Most Fun - Todd Rundgren
    Surprised me most - Robert Plant playing under assumed name in a pub on a sunday afternoon  
    Wish I could see - Hendrix
  • M11M11 Posts: 815
    First Gig - AC/DC, Ballbreaker Tour, 1996
    Last Gig - Iron Maiden, Legacy of the Beast Tour, last October
    Best Concert - Probably a tie between Paul McCartney, Rush and AC/DC
    Worst Concert - Mötley Crüe, 2011. Vince Neil sounded like crap, the band had no pyro, no spinning drum kit, no stage production, very disappointing
    Seen the most - Probably Accept, or Iron Maiden
    Next Concert - Sammy Hagar, in March
    Most Fun - Steel Panther @ House of Blues in LA, 2012
    Surprised me most - Tie between Jeff Beck and Ian Anderson. Both were low key gigs with undersold venues but they both put on a hell of a show (ok, Anderson's voice is shot but he played Thick as a Brick in its entirety!)
    Wish I could see - Queen (the real one with Freddie, not the tribute act that's touring the world these days)
  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,043
    First Concert - Van Halen, Birmingham Odeon June 1980
    Last Concert - Dan Reed Network, Derby Dec. 2018
    Best Concert - SOOO Hard but! either Jeff Beck (w/Jan Hammer), Warwick 2004 front row! or Toto Wolverhampton Civic 1996
    Worst Concert - Michael Schenker, Manchester Apollo 2007 (supporting Scorps w/Uli who were great) Michael was drunk or stoned and could barely stand up let alone play, it was heartbreaking!
    Seen The Most - not sure Sweet or maybe Uli?
    Next Concert - nothing booked
    Most Fun Concert - Slade, Birmingham Odeon Xmas absolute riot!
    Surprised Me The Most - The Who, Birmingham NIA 2004 - I only knew the hits back then and didn't expect much but they rocked harder then many half their age and the gig got me to dig deeper into their back catalogue.
    Wish I Could See - lots!....Jimi Hendrix, Queen in the 70s, Pat Travers circa 79/80, Purple circa 72, Gillan with Bernie.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,318
    First Concert -Scorpions, Ratt, Y&T, Metallica, Yngwie and Victory-Oakland-Alameda County Stadium 1985
    Last Concert- Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Grand Magus-The Fillmore Charlotte, NC October 2019
    Best Concert - So many good ones but Iron Maiden The LA Forum 2016 and Rush at The Omni Atlanta 1987 
    Worst Concert - Do not recall anything cringe worthy but Yngwie playing Greensboro in 2017 was not great 
    Seen the most -Iron Maiden
    Next Concert - Nothing planned
    Most fun Concert - Oakland Day on The Green Festival in '85 (Scorpions headliner), Def Leppard Hysteria Tour '87
    Surprised me the most - Janes Addiction Walnut Creek Amphitheater Raleigh, NC 1990 (1st Lollapalooza tour) 
    Wish I Could have seen- Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, The original Van Halen, AC/DC, Dio w/Vivian, Badlands,   Soundgarden, Rory Gallagher, Deep Purple w/Blackmore, Rainbow w/Dio and Turner, Gary Moore in his rock years,   Queen, Armored Saint when Dave Prichard was alive, The original Ted Nugent band, The original Mercyful Fate
  • Tatosh GuitarTatosh Guitar Posts: 1,699
    The "wish you could see" question pretty much deserves its own thread... It's almost neverending for me. Any concert of Purple from 70 to 85. Zeppelin, any year, any time. Priest from 75 to 84. Maiden from 80 to 88. Whitesnake up until 88 or 89.Queensryche in the 80's... etc etc etc.
  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,581
    edited January 8
    First Concert: First proper metal concert was Gamma Ray in 2006, was to some swedish pop ones before that though, as a kid.
    Last Concert: Royal Republic, just this past december.
    Best Concert:  No idea, has seen some stellar ones. Gamma Ray in 2010 was insane, Ghost in 2015 was epic, Enforcer in 2015 was monumental as well.
    Worst Concert: Don't count all the shitty opening acts and poor festival performance from bands I don't really care about. Yngwie Malmsteen in 2017 were pretty bad, Exciter in 2016 was a really poor show. 
    Seen The Most: Probably Hardcore Superstar, seen more times than I can recall... They just happens to be everywhere I go.
    Next Concert: Testament, Exodus and Death Angel. Going to Copenhagen for this show with one of my best mates, should be really fun!
    Most Fun Concert: The Darkness and Edguy is always fun becuase of the banter. Anthrax is always a blast! The best was probably in 2017.
    Surprised Me The Most: Diamond Head in 2016 surprised me a lot, much better than I anticipated. Twisted Sister the first time I saw them in 2014 were also super good. Girlschool was waaay better than I expected in 2017, as well as Y&T the very same year.
    Wish I Could See: Too many to mention, aside from the bands I've seen but not on their peak it must be Dio. Had tickets to Heaven & Hell when he passed away.
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  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,318
    One band that really stood out as terrible live was Korn. They played the 7th year of Lollapalooza here in Raleigh. It was bad enough that their music sucked....but sonically it was horrible and those guy not good players. So that was probably one of the worst sets I have ever seen live.
  • Dinosaur David BDinosaur David B Posts: 17,486
    Hell Yeah! 
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
  • Tatosh GuitarTatosh Guitar Posts: 1,699
    Duojett71 said:
    One band that really stood out as terrible live was Korn. They played the 7th year of Lollapalooza here in Raleigh. It was bad enough that their music sucked....but sonically it was horrible and those guy not good players. So that was probably one of the worst sets I have ever seen live.

    I saw those guys in their reunion tour. it probably was around 2013. My wife (then girlfriend) is a huge fan, otherwise you wouldn't have caught me dead in there. She seemed quite pleased, and enjoyed every second of it. Me, I was bored to tears, but as I was totally unfamiliar with the material played, I don't know if they were performing it right or not. That said, I did notice, when they attempted to play a lead part in their version of Floyd's the Wall, that they totally sucked at it.

    I am quite picky at concerts I attend, and because of it, most have been rather good. But that one wasn't my choice of course.
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