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Asked about this recently.....

First Concert -Gillan Glasgow Apollo 1982
Last Concert- Steely Dan, Wembley SSE Arena 2019
Best Concert - Deep Purple 8th November 1993 Brixton Academy
Worst Concert - Van Halen, Donington 1984
Seen the most -Deep Purple
Next Concert - Don Airey, London. February 2020
Most fun Concert - UFO Glasgow apollo 1983
Surprised me the most - Steve Hackett, Hammersmith 2013
Wish I Could see- Led Zeppelin
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  • First Concert -Ozzy Osbourne, with Sepultura and Type O Negative as opening acts.Don Haskins Center, El Paso Tx 1996. Say what you will about Joe Holmes, he slayed that day. Amazing player.
    Last Concert- Helloween, Pumpkins United Tour. Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 2017. A lifelong dream.
    Best Concert - Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth, Festival Internacional Chihuahua 2011. This changed my life, seriously.
    Worst Concert - Moonspell, Chihuahua, 2003? who can remember? truly dreadfull.
    Seen the most -Iron Maiden. They knocked it out of the park every single time. Last one was 10 years ago, so can't speak for their current performances.
    Next Concert - Stryper, in a couple months, Really looking forward to this. Guy running the sound asked me to be his stage manager, so I get to see things up close.
    Most fun Concert - Iron Maiden, Ed Hunter tour. El Paso Colliseum 1999. Ah, to be that young again...
    Surprised me the most - Megadeth El Paso Convention Center, 1998. Last tour with both Friedman and Menza. I went there not expecting much and boy, was I in for a treat.
    Wish I Could see- Rainbow. Any gig from 76 to 80. That or Sabbath in the 80, 81 period.

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    First Concert - Saxon + Judas Priest, march 1981. 
    Last Concert - Girlschool + Saxon, december 2016. Dammit, 3 years already without anything on the radar :astonished:  
    Best Concert - Hard to tell, but I have great memories of Saxon and JP in 1981, of Robin Trower in 2008, and Alice Cooper in 2011.  
    Worst Concert - St Vitus. What a bore. 
    Seen the most - Saxon. I've lost count. 
    Next Concert - nothing planned at the moment, the venues in my area seem to have given up on rock/metal and now they're just booking french garbage, rap, and lousy stand-up comedians, because that's what sells :confounded: 
    Most fun Concert - Alice Cooper 2011. 
    Surprised me the most - Not sure.... off the top of my head, Trower in a good way, and Testament not in a good way. 
    Wish I Could see - Hendrix in 1968/69, Deep Purple in 1972/73,  Hawkwind in 1973/74, Motörhead and Black Sabbath circa 1980/81. 
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    First Concert - Kinks. 
    Last Concert - Paul Gilbert. Disappointing recent tour where it was all new, instrumental stuff.  
    Best Concert - Too many to choose. Guitar-wise, Gary Moore in 87, in a club, 6 inches from his toes. 
    Worst Concert - Aerosmith the year Perry and Whitford weren't in the band. Tyler collapsed on stage 10 minutes in.
    Seen the most - Rush, I think, or maybe Schenker.
    Next Concert - None planned.
    Most fun Concert - Dio Last in Line tour with the Egypt theme. 
    Surprised me the most - Sammy Hagar solo. Went to see opener, Dokken on Tooth n Nail tour. Sammy put on a way better show.
    Wish I Could see - Zeppelin, Lizzy, or The Who in their prime 
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    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
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    First Concert - KISS with Priest supporting 1979
    Last Concert- John 5 in November 2019
    Best Concert - Deep Purple 1985 Perfect Strangers reunion tour.  Saw 4 shows on that tour.
    Worst Concert - tie.  BLS, Chris Robinson, VH 2005 Hagar reunion tour and VH 2017 last of the 3 Roth reunion tours
    Seen the most - Sammy Hagar over 40 times
    Next Concert - Albert Lee
    Most fun Concert - Any Jimmy Webb Show I have seen
    Surprised me the most - RATT on
    their first reunion tour with Cavazo.  They were so much better then back in the day.
    Wish I Could see - Cream back in 1967
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  • First Concert -  Cheap Trick.  Rory Gallagher opened
    Last Concert-  Social Distortion sept 2018
    Best Concert-  Black Crowes, late '90s.  Audley Freed's second live gig with the band
    Worst Concert -  Van Hagar, 2004
    Seen the most -  The Cult or Social Distortion.  over a dozen times, each.  Fabulous TBirds and Los Lobos are pretty close to that total.
    Next Concert -  none
    Most fun Concert -  AC/DC, Flick of the Switch Tour.  the cannons cracked the roof of my hometown arena.
    Surprised me the most -  Def Leppard, 2004.  a great show, and extremely well produced.  or Metallica, opening for Ozzy, on their Master of Puppets tour.
    Wish I Could see -  Thin Lizzy, with the Robbo/Gorham lineup.
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    First  -  Girlschool, Torquay town hall '81
    Last  -   Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons
    Best  -  Queensryche, "Empire" tour. Lynch Mob supporting!
    Worst -  Probably Status Quo, but I've seen some truly lamentable support /festival acts 
    (I've just been reminded about Metallica on the Justice tour, and the last time I saw Yngwie it was almost comically bad)
    Seen most -  Oysterband, many times, but they're not Dino. Motorhead and Napalm Death tied for second place
    Next -  Nothing planned!
    Most fun  -  Anthrax, "Among The Living" anniversary tour
    Surprised me the most -  Bon Jovi headlining MOR Donington in '87. Or maybe Ministry. By fuck, that was a brutal gig... 
    Wish I Could see - Currently, Living Colour and Rev Horton Heat.  Van Halen and Thin Lizzy back in the glory days...

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    First  -  Vulcain (kind  of French Mötorhead)
    Last  -   Brad Paisley (it was for the wife, great guitar player however)
    Best  -  Hard to decide between Iron Maiden, AC/DC and the time I saw Schenker from front row and he even high fived me...
    Worst -  Black Label Society: horrible sound, total mess, beer spitting festival: I left before the end
    Seen most -  Probably Iron Maiden
    Next -  Iron Maiden
    Most fun  -  Steel Panther
    Surprised me the most -  Jake E Lee being able to play and move like that while Ozzy being Ozzy. 
    Wish I Could see - Van Halen 1978-80 when DLR could still sing:

  • First - Motley Crue/Ratt
    Last - Robben Ford
    Best - Schenker with Uli opening
    Worst - Lou Gramm band (was very overweight and still recovering he huffed his way through the set...sad)
    Seen most - Trower 
    Next - no plan for 2020 yet
    Most fun - Monsters of Rock 1988
    Surprised me most - walked in to a Monte Montgomery show, his playing 
    Wish I could see - Gary Moore mid-80s period
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    First Concert -UK Subs Glasgow Tiffanys 1980
    Last Concert- Romeos Daughter Glasgow Hard Rock Cafe
    Best Concert - The Damned Glasgow Tiffanys 1983
    Worst Concert - Dead Kennedys Glasgow Tiffanys 1982, Anthrax Glasgow Barrowlands late 80s, Steve Earle Glasgow Barrowlands mid 90s.
    Seen the most -Thunder
    Next Concert - None planned
    Most fun Concert - Gary Glitter Glasgow University 1985
    Surprised me the most - Georgia Satellites Glasgow Barrowlands late 80s
    Wish I Could see- All the great concerts that I never went to in late 70s early 80s because I was into punk. Seen them all later but not at their peak.
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    First Concert - Slade, 1977 
    Last Concert- Skinny Puppy, 2019
    Best Concert - Mercyful Fate 1982
    Worst Concert - Motley Crue 2010
    Seen the most - Motorhead
    Next Concert - dun no
    Most fun Concert - U2, 1981, no, really
    Surprised me the most - Marillion 1982

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    First- AC/DC For Those About To Rock tour '82
    Last- King Diamond 
    Best- ahhhh.....far FAR too many to mention....! Off the top of my head: Black Sabbath at The Gorge Amphitheater '00, numerous BÖC shows, every Maiden show I saw in the 80's,ditto Priest & Scorps, DP Perfect Strangers tour,damn near every Slayer show, most Motörhead shows....Dio New Year's Eve '85...several thrash shows late 80's(Exodus/Suicidal Tendancies...Death Angel/Sanctuary, Testament/Annihilator) Voivod Outer Limits tour, Rush at The Gorge....Heaven & Hell @BC Place '07....UFO Walk On Water reunion '95
    Seen the most-hands down, BÖC...lost track after 75....also seen Maiden over a dozen times,Satch too
    Next concert- Ross The Boss band in Feb. & Abbath in March (if he's outta rehab by then :p)
    Most fun concert- anything that rages & is METAL
    Surprised me the most- ......? .....The Cramps....Immortal, the one & only time I saw 'em on the Sons of Northern Darkness tour
    Wish I could see- Dio again....he was magical every time.....Blackers, just once more before either of us leaves this planet.....
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    OK, see if I can remember...
    First Concert - Rock Goddess, St Albans, 1985
    Last Concert- King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard, Leeds, 2019
    Best Concert - Iron Maiden, Hammersmith Odeon 1986
    Worst Concert - 30 Seconds to Mars, Manchester (my daughter made me take her).  
    Seen the most - Dream Theater/Toto tie (6)
    Next Concert - No idea
    Most fun Concert - Magnum, St Albans, 1986
    Surprised me the most - Heaven & Hell, Sheffield Arena 2007
    Wish I Could see - Led Zeppelin
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    First Concert - Styx/Boston/Dr. Hook/Manhattans/Starbuck (Toys for Tots Christmas benefit) 1976, Atlanta's Omni
    Last Concert- Shania Twain 2018, Nashville's Bridgestone Arena (very spur of the moment, my wife won the tickets mere minutes before showtime)
    Best Concert - Paul McCartney 2014, Atlanta's Phillip's Arena (birthday gift from my wife only a month after we started dating)
    Worst Concert - Whitesnake 1988, Atlanta's Omni (totally phoned in)
    Seen the most - Rush (7 times)
    Next Concert - (Maybe) Next Summer's Motley Crue/Def Leppard/Poison/Joan Jett tour, Atlanta's SunTrust Field
    Most fun Concert - TIE - Ozzy Osbourne/Def Leppard 1981, Chicago's Poplar Creek Amphitheater (Randy Rhoads and Pete Willis) and Aerosmith/Ted Nugent 1986, Birmingham's Civic Center (front row!)
    Surprised me the most - Motley Crue 1987, Atlanta's Omni (really close seats, Mick Mars was on fire that night!)
    Wish I Could see - Every band that comes to town!

    Death Or Glory - Who Dares Wins!
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    First Concert - Iron Maiden 1980 Malvern! 
    Last Concert- Hammerfest 2019
    Best Concert - Like Dave, late 80's Gary Moore tour, right in front of me to, and Donnington 1988 Maiden at their full power.
    Worst Concert -Metallica/warrior soul on the and justice for all tour, shite both of them 
    Seen he most - Iron Maiden.
    Next Concert - Don't know yet, hopefully my own lol
    Most fun Concert - Ozzy no rest for the wicked at Birmingham NEC, meet Zakk and a very, very friendly rock chic on the coach trip home 
    Surprised me the most - Tina Turner man that woman can rock!
    Wish I Could see- Jimi Hendrix Experience.
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    Worst Concert -Metallica/warrior soul on the and justice for all tour, shite both of them 
    When I say that I saw Metallica on the "Justice"  tour and they were crap, people think I'm just saying it out of snobbery or just to be cool and "more metal" than them.
    I'm glad that there's someone else out there to back me up!
    Support at the Brum NEC show was Danzig.  Dear God..... :s
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