i turned 50 yesterday

i don't think i like being 50.  too much responsibility, not enough free time.  it already seems like a fool's game.


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    Then happy birthday for yesterday young sir!

    FWIW, I found turning 40 was much more of a wrench than 50!
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  • Happy Birthday, papi! 
  • Happy birthday, Cary!
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    Hey, happy birthday! I wish I was still 50....though my life was really beginning to suck at the time.
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    50 aint so bad. Once you hit 55 you will miss it...Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Cary......landmark year! 

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    The 50's were fine with me....wait till u hit 60!
  • i have no intentions to turn 60, btw.  time to double down on those bad decisions!
  • Happy B'day.  I turned 50 a few months back too.  50 sucks but it beats the alternative.
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              When Roger Daltrey sang "I Hope I Die Before I Get Old" he had his head up his ass. It's going to sound weird but it's true.
             Starting at age 55 people start treating you with more respect whether you've earned it or not. In check out lines, getting decent seats in a theater, when you get pulled over, at the 'sit in', etc..
             At 60 you start to wonder if people are mistaking you for someone else who saved a bunch of lives or wrote the greatest rock anthem ever.
             I'm looking forward to 65 just to see if people start throwing money or offering stuff for free that normally costs a fortune.
            You've just entered the front gate. Don't look back. Look forward. That's where all the good shit at. Somehow people seem to give you loads of respect just for not being dead. It's a win win. If you're alive ........ bask in the glory! If you die ........ I'm pretty sure dead is pain free, worry free, and if you're a fisherman like me you'll love the way the worms now come to you. No more digging or mixing coffee grounds and compost. The wiggly little fuckers will make their way through any crack in your coffin just to pile up both upon and in you justing waiting for the next cast.

    Welcome to the good life ! ! ! ! ! 

    I'm really looking forward to those wicked nasty sponge baths given by nubile nurses aids at "The Holy Lips of Amber for the Aged". 
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    Happy Birthday, from someone who saw 50 arrive last year and is staring down the barrel of 51!
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    50 didn't faze me. Double nickle got my attention. 60 freaked me the fuck out.
  • Happy birthday man
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    Happy birthday! I just turned 57 in October myself, so 60 is looming large. I sure don't mind, because there are a lot of things in my life that keep me feeling young at heart.
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