Martin Miller & Paul Gilbert - YYZ

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Don't know who this Martin Miller guy is, but great playing from PG as you would expect.


  • That was pretty cool. Thanks for posting it

  • Fun.  Not sure I see the point of a second guitarist (is that Martin Miller?), or playing a keys part with a slide with keyboards in the room.

    One does not wank over RUSH.

    Unless one is Dream Theater.
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    Martin Miller does a lot of these collab videos - I love the ones he has with Andy Timmons and I love the Deep Purple, Queen, and Pink Floyd medleys he does with various people too. Lots of overplaying but also lots of respect to the source material. Guy is a great player and is also a great teacher. His technique gets dissected a bit by Troy Grady as well btw on Cracking the Code. Definitely a player I wouldn't mind playing like but definitely would mind looking like him while doing so :)
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