Gerard Richard Melancon on Oct. 17, 2019 at age 58.

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Gerard Melancon has passed away. 

I'm so very saddened by this. Gerard ran a one man guitar building shop in Thibodaux, Louisiana.   In my lifetime the finest guitars I ever played and my own #1 guitar, (my Melancon Custom T), were built by Gerard's hands.  

From his hometown obituary  ............

           "Gerard was an accomplished self-taught luthier and had been quietly custom building guitars that were sold worldwide since 1990. He was a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and owner of Melancon Guitars, Inc. He discovered his passion for building guitars with his father, Richard, through a shared love of playing the instrument over the years. Gerard once quoted what another luthier had inscribed on a guitar-like instrument 400 years ago. In that ancient wood it was expressed, "In life, I was silent; in death, I sweetly sing."

          I am so much more than sad. Rest In Peace my friend, guitar builder and gentleman. You quietly walked among the best. 


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  • Too damn young.
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    His guitars were well respected down in Louisiana when I lived down there. I played several that came in used at GC in my few years at that store. Nice guitars....but like any boutique guitar that came through those doors....nobody wanted to pay any real money for them. They had a name in the New Orleans area for sure....but only to guitar geeks. Much the same way as Mcinturff Guitars are in North Carolina. Still like Terry.....Gerard Melancon was one of the first few well known boutique builders out there and established something really great. Shame he passed....way before his time. 
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    Oh man, I played a few of his guitars about 10 years back. They were excellent. RIP
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     From his website ......
  • Wow, this sucks. I had actually heard of his guitars, which is amazing considering I don't even live in the US and his stuff wasn't exactly high profile. As a side note, I have heard about Mcinturff guitars as well...

    A lot of good guys are leaving us these days and they weren't even old. Quite depressing.

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