Here's a shock: JOHN SYKES Splits With GOLDEN ROBOT RECORDS Without Releasing Long-Awaited New Album



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    Yes he still does. Sykes get's half the publishing. He was smart enough to insist on that (where others did not and got screwed). And in the ensuing years, Sykes has consistently refused to be financially screwed-over. It's why he's no longer associated with what tours and passes for Thin Lizzy these days, despite the nonsense Scott Gorham said about that split at the time. 

    Because the continuing WS87 royalties are still coming in, Sykes is afforded the luxury of not having to work at all, or for decades at a time, where guys like Lynch have to keep putting one-off projects together, and every so often, reuniting with a guy he can't stand.  So when Sykes' record deal fell apart (perhaps over money?), it's disappointing for us fans who want to hear new music from him, but it's completely in-character with what he's done his whole career. And FWIW, I respect that he isn't willing to bend over, though I acknowledge that stance is far easier to take when you're financially independent.  But Sykes was unwilling to bend over for DC the early 80s before he was financially independent. And I respect that!

    It's funny. Seldom can you look at one artist and so CLEARLY point to both the smartest thing they ever did: get half the publishing for 87 from Coverdale, and the stupidest thing they ever did: sign Blue Murder to Geffen while DC/WS was still on that label. If he had signed with ANY OTHER LABEL, that band would probably have been huge.

    As for DC's comment; "John is the guy who played less (in Whitesnake) and who made the most money out of it." Yeah, he also made YOU the most money in your career, too Mr. C. It was Sykes' songs that cracked your band in the U.S., and it's Sykes' songs that 99% of your audience, to this daystill buys tickets to hear.   

    That said, I prefer both of the Doug Aldrich WS albums to WS87.
    Excellent post, absolutely nailed it. Re blue murder and Cov, no doubt , but is there any actual evidence ?
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  • Btw, I wasnt aware but seems the Sykes/Potnoy project even got as far as having a name 'Bad Apple'
  • Excellent post, absolutely nailed it. Re blue murder and Cov, no doubt , but is there any actual evidence ?
    I have heard this so much over the years that I am pretty sure it is true.

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