New song I'm writing

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So, I imagine a Sabbath/Tony Iommi tone for this one.  Not EMP, but more aggressive.  I keep coming up with more verses, and it just keeps growing every day.

I'm climbing the Mountain of Pain
Hypoxia is eating my brain.
I pass all the dead on the way.
That will be my fate one day.

The Mountain of pain is cold
It's over a billion years old.
Colliding of tectonic plates.
A remorseless facade of hate.

The sherpas have told me to wait.
But still I will not hesitate.
The summit is within my grasp
I want to behold it at last

(insert insane guitar solo)

Never should have left the camp.
My muscles are starting to cramp.
The blizzard is sealing my doom.
I know it will come very soon.

I'll never be reaching the top
But still I'm compelled not to stop.
The others are falling behind.
But I must continue to climb....the...

Mountain of Pain!

Mountain of Pain!

Mountain of Pain!

I'm climbing the Mountain of Pain!

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    otcconan said:
    So, I imagine a Sabbath/Tony Iommi tone for this one.
    With those lyrics you surely gotta detune one and a half steps to C#.  B)
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    I just double posted, lyrics slightly changed.  ughh.  didn't remember i already posted it.  Still working out the logistics of recording on a laptop.

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