This Dino is half a century old

And I feel like it.

Except I don't.  Not when I play.  I still feel like the young otcconan when I rip out "Eaters of the Dead" and "Farmer of the Damned" and all my old classics.  But crawling out of bed is now a chore.  50 years.  What's in a number?  Well, 50 freaking years of dragging my ass to work and worse, working on the farm.  With the passing of my brother in February, I'm now the oldest male in my family, but I'm really the most immature.  I'm still the same guy with a dark sense of humor who thinks it's funny that a Cactus Monster roams the Texas Hill Country absorbing souls.  I'm actually thinking of making a Cactus Monster Halloween costume.

My chops are still what they always were, but I've spent the last 5 years really getting my piano chops together.  We got to give it up for those guys.  I really love guys who can do both, like EVH and Eric Johnson.  "Song for Lynette" is just beautiful.

Keep on rocking, Dinos!  A new entry into the five decade club checking in.



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