Frank Marino on Eddie Truck 10/10/19

Cool over the phone new interview with Frank Marino.

2 things i never knew....Eddie asked him if he was ever asked to join another band.

Frank said yes....back when Paul McCarthy was forming WINGS frank was asked if he wanted to be the guitar player,,,obviously he said NO! The other one was when WHITESNAKE was also forming, Frank turned that one down too!

Hmmmmm, what could have been...


  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,318
    I respect the guy for wanting to focus on his own career....but how do you turn down a gig with Paul McCartney? Paul probably would have let him contribute to the songs and that also would have been a lucrative gig...even long term after the band was over just the performance royalties on the records.....and it was Paul Fuckin McCartney....

    I understand him turning down Coverdale....but that could have worked. At the time Whitesnake was forming Marino was a guitar player who was ahead of his time.....probably a little to flashy for the 70's era Whitesnake. I like what Bernie and Mickey did for that band.
  • BytorBytor Posts: 1,547
    I'd like to own his dvd package he's selling at present but $100.00?? No thanks..
  • OskyOsky Posts: 1,043
    Bytor said:
    I'd like to own his dvd package he's selling at present but $100.00?? No thanks..
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,588
    That's the price I paid and I love it. Considering my wife would have demanded it's purchase at even three times that price I feel like I got a good deal. Frank Marino live on stage is among the very best of the best.
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