My Real Jose Modded 1979 Marshall 100 watt head- An in depth Look at the Build and Circuit

I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.


  • For guys like Patrice.
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
  • Oh yeah... I am a sucker for these things...

    that said, legend has it the mythic EVH super lead was stock, and that Jose only modded other amps for him. Sykes and Hetfield did use Jose mods for sure, that said.
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    Those guys are here in Raleigh. The 2nd Monkey who is not in this video gave me a sample of their solderless cable I have yet to try out. Hoping they are more reliable than George L's. I wonder if that Marshall belongs or belonged to Brad Whitford who is the 3rd Monkey. I will have to watch the rest of the video when I have more time. Thanks for sharing....looking forward to seeing the rest.
  • Hint for those of us less technical. Set the playback speed to 1.75 to speed up the playback.
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
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    I saw this: nothing new under the sun, there's even a schematic for it. Most of the Cameron amps are a variation of this with a lot of tweaks and mods, also the SAT switch on the Friedman amp for example.
    The famous Marshall from EVH (that I didn't get to see in time at the Met expo...) is a 1968 plexi stock, with the exception of one component being not the usual value for Marshall plexi (but still stock). What Jose did for EVH was probably a Line Out to feed another head for effect (Dry->Wet), a similar setup still in use for the latest tour (Line Out -> HHV800 power amps) .  
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    I love this stuff. I understand maybe two thirds of it and have to add leaps of faith to fill in the rest. It's odd the way "Something I'll never come across or Stand a chance with or Ever have no matter how much it appeals to me" becomes such a target. .......  I'm suddenly reminded of a 1959 Les Paul with no mods, Elisabeth Montgomery, a 1957 Strat with no mods, Elinor Donahue, the original tube Echoplex, Heather Locklear, original '61 Les Paul, (SG),  Tanya Roberts, Moog synthesizer owned by Rick Wakeman during his early years in YES, Barbi Benton, 1968 Les Paul Custom, Claudia Cardinale, think "Out Of Reach / Must Have" thing going on.

    I should leave now.
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