DRG 20th Anniversary Get-together - VIDEO



  • Proud of being part of DRG and yeah, ill meet the guy some day.
    Hope Im a more prificent english speaker then. 
    With the way you play, who cares if you can speak english  or not? I would gladly trade a good part of my english proficiency if I could play close to your skill level... ;)
  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,655
    Didnt come around to watch this until now! Lots of fun :) Thanks!

    Bummed I couldnt find the funds to make this happen for me but I am determined to get to hang out and jam with y'all one day <3 
  • Loved watching this! Few thoughts:
    1) I gotta come and hang with you guys and gals for one of these get togethers!
    2) Everybody sounded great and was good to hear the stories as well.
    3) Dinosaur Dave has an excellent vibrato :-)
    4) Joe's got serious chops.
    5) Always great to hear from Amy...so well spoken and knowledgeable.

    Looks like fun!
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,704
    "Hope Im a more prificent english speaker then."

    A nice thing to do but not really needed. Just show up late in the evening and neither Dave or Jeb will notice your English skills. 
    ;)  =)
  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,812
    Finally I'd managed to watch the entire video, and, gez, I would like soooo much being with you all, people.
    Maybe next year.
  • Just watched this again -- makes me smile every time.

    And also realize that Nelson is not just Baddstuff, but a badass drummer with great pocket.  I may have you call you for a session, bro.   ;)
    I threw me guitar out. Why bother? Why bother? Use it as a coffee table. Because I can't play it like that. 
    -- David St. Hubbins.
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