DRG 20th Anniversary Get-together - VIDEO


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  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,446
    I bet kobody had said "turn that amp down" this time :D
  • Actually, when I went to pay the guy running the rehearsal space, he said: "We have a lot a bands passing through here. You guys are fucking LOUD!"   They heard us playing War Pigs through double, sound-proofed doors from way down the hall.

    =) As it should be! 
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
  • StitselStitsel Posts: 1,969
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    This is fucking great. I feel like I actually know you guys kinda, anyways, but this was even better watching. I hope to join you guys someday for a metalled out freakazoid stoner Dino jam.Badstuff is a freakin' perfect drummer, love ya man. 
    We need to invent our own call signal, something that's akin  to PROST, but just as killer

    Whoa/// edit/// some sweet jamming from the founder......hail Dino Dave \m/ 
    Thank you man for the best website out there

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  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,321
    Cool shit, it's on my bucket list to meet you guys over the next few years.

    So did Art go to Boston and hang out with Dave or not?
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  • So did Art go to Boston and hang out with Dave or not?
    Yeah, he did. I just didn't remember it at first. Both he and Jeb visited me in Boston. What I don't remember is who was first. But if Jeb says it was Art, I'll take his word for it.  My memory is shit! 
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  • EugenicScumEugenicScum Posts: 5,321
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    Also, I just want to say that I can watch Joe play all day. We need to convince him to put out an original dino instrumental album. You listening sensei @Joebuddha ? There's a Paul Gilbert sized void in our lives. 
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  • M11M11 Posts: 815
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    What happened this past weekend in NY was amazing. Not only are Dave, Jeb, Joe, Marvin and Nelson great musicians, as you can see on the jam footage, they’re wonderful people as well. I had a blast jamming with these fellas and really enjoyed our conversations, most of them under the influence of bourbon or pisco sour. :lol: 
    Let’s hope these get-togethers happen more frequently, and that the guys from Europe or Asia (that means you @EugenicScum!) can join.
    Shout-out to PB, our utility bass/keyboard player who is also a great guy and to the queen herself, Amy!

    PS: please forgive my improvised, mildly inebriated Marty DiBergi impression. :lol: 
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  • yngwie666yngwie666 Posts: 6,551
    Cool jam session, you guys rock !
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,591
    Very cool. I love the way Dave and Jeb remember the same things in different ways. It's good to know I'm not the only one losing it.  B)
  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
    I had an absolute blast jamming with the guys from DRG. After years it felt good to get behind a kit again and just play. All the guys were excellent as players and as people. So glad I was invited to participate in this. So happy there are still dino players in this world! 
  • Dr NickDr Nick Posts: 3,556
    One day I hope to make it to one of these get togethers. 
    Will probably depend on my kids getting jobs and not sponging off me...and getting a guitar over the pond would be fun, but I'm sure it'd be worth it. Although as a non-drinker I'd be really boring

  • Dr Nick said:
    Although as a non-drinker I'd be really boring
    Nah. It's really not like that. Yes, there was a lot of drink flowing and mother nature being inhaled by those who do so. And we had a great time. But Nelson doesn't drink either, and he had a blast regardless, and he was a total joy to meet and hang out with.

    It's hard to articulate this adequately, but I'll try. Regardless of whether you do or don't partake in whatever, whenever we Dinos get together, we all LEGITIMATELY just enjoy each other's company, and the chance to MEET each other in person. I have experienced this over and over again. To laugh and discuss experiences we've shared online or in person.

    There is a brotherhood and camaraderie here that always happens within minutes of meeting one of your Dino brothers you've been interacting with for years.  And I've met more of you than anyone else here. I actively seek it out, and continue to do so because it's so rewarding.

    The internet is a double-edged sword. It both gives and takes away. But every time I get to meet Dinos from DRG --that has always been the VERY BEST of what the internet has to offer. 

    Geography doesn't matter.
      Whether it was Amy and I meeting Patrice or Vincent in France, or Alberto, Mario, or Janne Stark coming to meet us in the US -- whether you partake in drink or whatever, or not does NOT matter. In July, I spent an afternoon with Dan Autorino in London after not seeing or hearing from him in 5 years. No matter. We picked up right where we left off. But even domestically, Rich, Chuck, Rick, Mark, Art, Curt, Rob, and most obviously Jeb. We've become lifelong friends.  And there's more of you I WILL meet in person before my life is over. 

    20 years into this website I can look at this thing with some perspective and say . . . nothing I've done in my professional life as a software tech writer has made any difference in anyone's life. No one's reading software instructions I wrote 20 years ago. But they're still reading Alchemy profiles and coming to the site. So over 20 years, DRG has provided me with my closest friends, AND MY WIFE. As such, it is unquestionably the most important thing I've ever done with my life.  And it was all just a lark!

    So Nick. Get yourself an iced tea or a Diet Coke and join the party. We'd all love to meet you. 

    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
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    yeah Nick, my kidney disease prohibits me from drinking and I still had a great time with the guys. It's more about the music and the hang than drinking. No worries!  :-)

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  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,324
    Great video and the jam looked like a lot of fun. I was able to attend a DRG Jam in Maryland back around 2014. It was held at Kevin Brubaker's shop. It was a blast. Hope to attend another one in the future.

    The Doug Aldrich/NAMM DRG moment was definitely one of my favorite DRG moments. Thanks for remembering that. I think that was 2010?

    Props to Amy for the Zebra shirt....
  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,446
    Proud of being part of DRG and yeah, ill meet the guy some day.
    Hope Im a more prificent english speaker then. 
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