What's your ritual when you have a cold? What do you want?

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Woke up with a (comparatively mild) cold on Friday that has derailed my weekend plans. Better it happen this weekend than next!  That said, I'm generally pissed-off and cranky because the first thing that happens is Amy banishes me to another room so I hopefully don't get her sick. :(  In our apartment, that means I'm downstairs in the studio, and she's upstairs in the living space.  I completely understand this -- she usually has to either record or perform, so if she's sick, her voice is compromised and she can't work.  So I'm typhoid Dave which means no contact other than speaking for a while.

So I'm downstairs. On my ass, in bed, sick, pissed-off, bored, and horny. 
I have my phone and laptop. I have all my guitars and practice stuff available, but sick, I'm usually too low energy to play much. I did play a little yesterday.

I try to watch stuff Amy doesn't give a shit about.  Historical, war, or spy thriller movies and series'. TONS of youtube videos. Lots of guitar lesson stuff.  Some performance stuff. I've been watching a lot of reaction videos lately. I enjoy watching the rock-deprived youngsters -- especially hiphop kids minds explode when they discover Zeppelin, Sabbath, Rush, Queen, etc.

Meds of choice
  • Plenty of liquids. Non-stop ice-tea. Just like when I'm well.
  • First thing that happens is Amy makes me a big pot of awesome chicken soup. It does help. Last time I was sick with a bug, my MD even recommended chicken soup to go with the antibiotics he gave me. 
  • Usually my colds start with a sore throat. I start with hot tea and if necessary, move on to Chloraseptic spray
  • I've found the best weapon for clogged sinuses, and sometimes even runny nose to be Afrin original nasal spray. It doesn't make you drowsy, or interact negatively with other meds.
  • When that doesn't work, or to relieve sinus pressure, I take real pseudoephedrine. I used to use Dayquil, but I'm off that. I find it makes my nose run non-stop.
  • For a non-stop runny nose, I take a 4 hour anti-histamine (Chlor-Trimeton)
  • For cough, it's Robitussin (CF usually).
  • At night, to try and sleep, it's Nyquil liquicaps, balanced out with Afrin and Robitussin as needed. 
  • For general pain relief, Ibruprophen, bourbon, scotch. I'm told the later two aren't particularly good for you when your sick. They aren't particularly good for you when your well, either. I don't give a shit. I already feel crappy, and again, pissed off. I don't use them when they could react with anything serious. 
I crave Chinese food and Ice cream. If Amy hasn't made chicken soup, I'll have Ramen or Pho

And I try to sleep as much as possible.

What do you do?
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    Hot liquids are great for the sore throat at the beginning of a cold or sinus infection. Sometimes I believe the throat is where it starts. I couple times I have derailed being sick by drinking really hot tea when my throat started to get sore. The hot liquid will kill bacteria. Cold drinks I try to stay away from because bacteria thrive in cold temperatures. The only cold drinks I will have are those Naked smoothie type drinks you get at the store that have like 300% the daily vitamin C per drink and a shit ton of other vitamins and nutrients. 

    I also use nose sprays. I try to use the ones that lubricate your sinuses....because your sinuses get swollen when they are dry. If those do not work I use Sinex with Vicks. That works well but tends to burn and give you an odd sensation in your nose....but that is better than your nasal path being swollen. I do not deal with that well. If I can not breathe out of my nose I get anxiety attacks. I feel like I am suffocating even though I can breathe through my mouth. It's hard to explain but I can not handle that. I swear if I did not have nose spray....I would snort Tabasco or horseradish if I had to...

    I also will take allergy pills as well as various decongestants to help with sinus drainage. The sinuses running down my throat will usually result in a bad cough which I will get towards the end of the cold and I find that is one of the worst ordeals of being sick. Feels like I am going to cough up a lung it gets so bad....and that makes me essentially useless. Often times that stuff gets caught in my chest and I will have to break out the extra strengh Mucinex. That will help be clear my chest. There have been a couple times I got bronchitis and that is another thing that brings on anxiety.....feels like you are drowning.

    I really don't have much rituals when I am sick. Just stay in bed when I can....watch TV, play guitar, zone out on my computer....but I never miss work....so much of the time I am sick I am working....and that sucks. 
  • For the sore throat, I press lemons and drink their juice, and I eat honey. It works wonders.  I'm a huge tea drinker, so maybe it helps too, who knows. 
    In case the sore throat persists after 3-4 days, biclotymol spray on the tonsils. It's sold without prescription in pharmacies. 
    I don't put anything into my nose. 
    For fever, Paracetamol or Aspirin when needed. If it persists, I visit my doctor to have a prescription for antibiotics if she thinks it's necessary. 
    I also try to stay active as much as possible. Working, doing home chores, running errands, whatever. The only thing that can stop me is intestinal flu :lol: 
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    Track suit, lots of inane TV, blankets and duvees, Lots of mint tea with a little lemon squezed into, honey is optional, remote controls for TV, dvd, bluray, hi-fi, and most importantly, the Kitties close to you.

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    Extra hot black coffee, (the burn masks the sore throat), Cough drops, Debi's homemade chicken soup, (although I love this whether I'm sick or not), Aspirin if I get feverish, multiple blankets because I'd rather sweat than endure cold chills,  extra showers, (I hate it when my skin feels clammy or my hair starts feeling oily), and Polident, (you haven't experienced shame until a hard sneeze shoots your dentures out of your mouth).

    Note*  If I'm feeling sick enough to admit it "horny" is not a concern.
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    Honestly? Carry on as if I didn't have a cold, and complain loudly about the fact that I DO have a cold. 
    Maybe paracetamol if I feel especially rubbish. 
    Drink lots, Vitamin C (Camu Camu concentrate if I'm feeling "natural"). 
    That's it. 

    Oh, and I've discovered that pressure change is a good decongestant. One of my hobbies is board diving (ie not scuba), and as long as my sinuses aren't painful, heading to the bottom of a deep pool (5.8m where I train) and back up causes a nice temporary release of congestion.
    Not sure there are many others who could adopt that method though. 
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  • Sleep through the body ache phase and use a saline nasal spray through the nose block phase, by which point I'm just leading a normal life again. Eating spicy food and taking hot showers and inhaling steam is mandatory to deal with it by this point.
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    Dinosaur Rock Catarrh!   =)

    I'll let myself out......
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     We take massive amounts of Vitamin C.. Actually I take 3000mgs a day in the winter to ward off colds before they set in..
    You wouldn't think colds would be a concern in Fla.. But the Yanks bring all kinds of viruses and funk down and Florida, given it's climate is one big Petri Dish.. :s
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    Dang it...I have one now, caught from my son......

    Other than my usual supplements, a nice cold Belgian Trippel is doing wonders for me.... ;)
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    Raw garlic, fresh ginger, bone broth and lots of water seem to do the trick when you notice the first symptoms. 
  • SnoogansSnoogans Posts: 1,657
    Snoogans said:

    Dinosaur Rock Catarrh!   =)

    I'll let myself out......
    I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that as a result of that very poor joke, I too have been stricken with the foul lurg, and am currently feeling pretty bloody rough!
  • So now maybe you can answer the question.  ;)

    Hope you feel better.
    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
  • 1)  bowl of beef pho w/ extra sriracha, right before work.
    2)  Tully hot toddies, every hour, starting at midnight.
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