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Some of you may know, I have 3 kids (21, 19, 17). The middle one is on the autistic spectrum. He's what I'd consider a bit of a musical genius. His ear is ridiculously good - he has perfect pitch, he can learn stuff after one listen, he is a human metronome, he plays guitar and drums to a very high standard (Grade 8 with distinction in both, for those UK based people), plus bass, and is learning jazz piano. He's doing a degree in music + production, and wants to be a full-time musician & producer.

But he has issues with social norms, can get anxious in groups, and is unlikely to manage alone, at least in the near future. So he's studying at home. Which means a lot of playing. Especially drumming.
So after going slowly deaf, we've decided to convert our garage into a soundproofed rehearsal and recording area. The "room within a room" thing, if that makes sense. 
And as luck would have it, the garage has a small "potting shed" at the back, attached to a greenhouse. Which will become a control room - knock a window through, wire through speakers and talk-back, and sorted. 

It'll be 4m x 4m, maybe a little wider. 
Then need mics, stands, a multi-channel interface (only got 2 at the moment), and a load of cables. And possibly a more powerful computer. And Logic. 

I don't think I'll ever retire, too much stuff to pay for!

Building starts in 2 weeks...


  • Hey Doc! This is excellent, the support you're giving your son.

    I'd highly recommend Audient's interfaces. The preamps are great and they provide a near control surface like experience minus the individual faders. It's a UK brand and it's super value for money.

    For the computer, you can get great mileage out of an existing laptop (intel i5 or better would be preferable) if there's room for adding more RAM, and switching to a solid state drive. 

    Use for all the software and plugin needs. They have great deals, and I got my studio one professional on a rent-to-own basis with 0% interest. Very reasonable.

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    Dr Nick,
           I think you're doing exactly the thing. You're providing a road for your son to travel where he'll feel comfortable and have a chance to excel at what he shows the most interest in. Too many parents look at their children as clones of themselves that need to be guided along a pre-specified path. The best a parent can do is recognize the talents and needs of their offspring and set a goal of provision to match.

    A+++++ to fine parenting skills.  I only wish I could have been as smart as you 40 years ago.

  • This is parenting done right. My 18 year old doesn't live with me and I can't be involved in her education. But I figured up when she was very little that her strengths were in the sciences. Her mother was obsessed that she pursue a musical profession, like everybody in her family. Not to take anything from my daughter, cause I know she loves music (we have enjoyed our share of metal bands together), but she doesn't have my ear or the talent all her uncles seem to have. I knew this was wrong. Luckily, she came clean at  the right time, told her mother to fuck off, and is now in engineering school. I was right all along.

    Luckily I will be more involved with my baby, who isn't a year old yet. Still a long way to go.

    Sorry to sorta hijack your thread, but I get what you are doing. You have my greatest respect.
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    This is the plan. We're leaving a gap at the front for storage (camping gear, that sort of stuff), and putting up a shed in the garden for lawnmower etc. 
    Who keeps a car in a garage anyway?!

    Thanks for the encouragement folks. Just hope it works out!

    I must admit when it comes to interfaces all I've ever used are Focusrite - got a 2 channel Scarlett which is decent for home stuff, but I suspect he'll want more eventually. 
    And mics...he's got a thing about AKG and they do "drum packages", but I bet you're better off picking and choosing. 
    He's got a 2017 Macbook Air, which has served him well for recording guitar, but wouldn't have thought it'd cope with multiple channels simultaneously. I could be wrong. 
    But very much looking forward to seeing how it turns out. 
    And being able to watch TV without Travis Barker, Chad Smith and Simon Phillips fills ringing around the place!

  • If you can afford an Apollo, go for it. 
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  • Project sounds awesome, and it's really cool the way you're supporting your kid.
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    An Apollo? Tell me more. My knowledge begins and ends with Focusrite. 

    Apart from avoiding Behringer. 
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    Apollo is UA's audio interface and lets you (buy and) use all of the BEST, most realistically-modeled plug-ins on the market. All the FEINTS stuff was done with UA hardware and software.
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    Good tip. Although I bet the price will go up - dratted sterling getting weaker. 
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    Geez, and I'm still using an M-Audio Delta 1010 rack unit :#
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    Needs to fit this in. 

    And a couple of guitar amps, a bass amp, a keyboard, and whoever happens to be singing. 
    Wonder if we could make a business out of the room? 

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    Right, need advice from you clever people. 
    Building project should be done in a couple of weeks. Need to think about what sort of connections to run between the rehearsal/studio bit, and the control room to-be. 
    Is the simplest thing to run a multicore xlr cable between the two, say 12 channels, and put a load of inputs on the wall either side? Maybe some jacks as well?
    Or should I think of something else?
  • You'll need a snake minimally.  Go re-read the thread about me creating my studio.
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    Aha, so this sort of thing. Kind of what I had in my head. At least the wall installation, then I can worry about the rest at a later date. 


    wiring1.jpg 110.9K
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    Most of what we got, chords wise (and the snake) was available via Amazon or ebay. Sweetwater is the other best resource for things like the patchbays.  

    Also, moving blankets are the easiest and best (and least destructive to walls) sound treatment options. Google companies that put grommets into them so you can easily hang them.
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    I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
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