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I actually got this last week. Ordered it from Sweetwater with zero interest financing. I was outgrowing a pedal board I got about nine years ago for free when I worked at Sam Ash my first go around. It was road case pedal board that served it's purpose well but I was pretty maxed out on real estate with that one. I have gotten a few new pedals recently so I thought it was a good time to get the board I really wanted. It's a Temple Audio Trio 28 with a soft case and a couple of their side modules already installed. I also got a new power supply from Eventide and designed by Cioks....the Powermax.

If you are not familiar with the Temple Audio stuff....the pedals attach to the board with the pedal plates that are sold separately. The plates stick to the pedals and are attached with a screw that goes beneath the board and screws into the pedal plate through  the smaller holes. The larger holes in the board are to thread all your power and audio cables through. I have been wanting a board where I can hide my cables and keep the top of my board clean for a long time. This system created a nice clean surface on the board. The Powermax mounted to the underside of the board with no problem with a couple of included allen head screws. You can also buy a spacer kit from another company I believe to put space between the board and the power supply so you can mount a pedal directly above the power supply. You can also mount the power supply on the stabilizer/mounting bars you see on the underside of the board. I bought the package deal with the soft case/board and side modules that also came with one of the mounting/stabilizer bars....and I bought an additional stabilizer. The mounting plates were separate as well. The input/output module and power module with the on/off switch you can buy separately as well but it came with the package I bought. The on/off switch on the power input comes in handy. At first I did not like that the input and output jacks were on the same side but then I realized my input jack on my amp is on that side so it saves length on my cable run from the amp to pedal board.

My old pedal board I may use for my delay and reverb pedals going to the effects loop. Live this will allow me to already have them set up and get them off the top of my head. I already have another power supply and would only have to plug the input and outputs to the send and return of the fx loop. It would be another pedal board to carry around but a faster set up.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to expand and clean up there effects boards. I already used it for one gig and it was much easier. Once it was all said and done it was not cheap but well worth the expense.
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  • There is a lot of empty real estate on there... I can only imagine what you will fill that with. Looks nice
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    There is a lot of empty real estate on there... I can only imagine what you will fill that with. Looks nice
    Hahaha....well that was part of the point for the new board....I can add The bottom 3 pedals are new and I have a new Walrus Fathom reverb pedal that will go in the effects loop. That one will go on the other board. I am planning on buying another Catalinbread Naga Viper to replace the one I sold last year.

    Thanks man.
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