Born Again



  • AgrippaAgrippa Posts: 5,925
    Just wanna chime in, love that album, a lot.

  • Dr NickDr Nick Posts: 3,603
    Going off at a bit of a tangent, how about "Live Evil" as an album? I confess I didn't really get into Black Sabbath as a teenager (more into the next generation - Maiden, Leppard, that era). And then I was a big solo Ozzy fan, but that was it. Then became a huge Ronnie fan, after seeing H&H live. 
    So got a lot to catch up on. 
    And Ronnie singing Ozzy era material could be interesting. 
  • It's good. But he's stronger on his own material.
    In the midst of the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,048
    Live Evil is absolutely badass & Dio does Ozzy era tunes justice, he was super heavy on N.I.B. in particular .....
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