Iron Maiden at the Tacoma Dome...Tacoma,WA

Just saw Maiden last night, 1st time I've seen them since 2012.....they still kill it, whole band brings it.....
If someone would've told me 30+ yrs ago I'd still be going to Iron Maiden concerts 30 years later I would've laughed in their face, yet here I am, and they're still incredible.Killer setlist,I was parked on the Dave Murray side, he's still my fave.....

Good times & catch 'em if you can!


  • yngwie666yngwie666 Posts: 6,557
    I bought tickets for a show in Luxembourg a few years ago. It was sold out in minutes and later they decided it would be open air in a field with 3 times more people, no parking, etc...So I sold the tickets.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,615
    I saw them in Charlotte in July. Great show and great setlist. I believe it was my 10th time seeing them. Maiden are a band I will travel to see. I have seen them 4 times in NC, two nights back to back in Florida, twice in the Los Angeles area, once in Virginia and once in Houston. The stage show and performance never disappoints.
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 2,697
    Had tickets for me and AJ to see them in Philly in July.   Unfortunately it was the same day I was admitted to the hospital for an emergency and had to skip.  It was my 3rd show ( Paul Gilbert, ELO abs IM) missed in less than a year after only missing 1 show (Joe Walsh) the previous 40 years.  Would have been AJs 5th time seeing them and my 12th or so time.  Oh Well!
  • M11M11 Posts: 867
    I have tickets to see them in October. They'll be playing 2 shows in my city, the outdoor one at the big soccer stadium and their first ever indoor show in my town at an arena. I'll be going to the indoor show which should sound better. The last time I saw them was for their Maiden England tour in 2013. Last time they were here some idiot at the airport damaged their plane's engine :lol: 
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