Zeppelin Song remains the same live album

You forget how sharp and brilliant Page was 73 and prior, not sure what happened thereafter, but I think we can guess.  his playing on this for me is stellar. Stairway break, stunning..... all over incendiary licks in DAC, WLL.....true inspiration. No quarter a highlight too.  


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    God knows I am not the biggest Zep fan around, but this thing made a huge impact on me back in the day. I think I first saw the opening, Rock and Roll, on MTV or something (remember when MTV played music? LOL) and it was a game changer. Plant and Page had huge live personas. To this day, that to me is the definitive version of that song, the way Page takes the solo? Awesome stuff.

    It also helped a lot in understanding what make a drummer good. Bonzo really was the man. His playing in Dazed and Confused made me swoon. The entire band was on fire.

    As a side note, I always get a kick of it being actually a movie to the band, rather than a live concert. It was shown on theaters back in the day, and that's the way it really was intended. My father in law, a huge rock music fan (his collection dwarfs mine by the hundreds) and I were talking about it once, and he tells me, "ah yeah, the zeppelin movie. I watched it in the theater several times in the 70's. Every rocker in town would show up to the screening and it would take the staff weeks to get rid of the smell of pot!!" LOL!!
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    Most of you know I'm might be the biggest JP fan here (when Amy isn't posting). Jimmy's influence on me as a player, songwriter, and perhaps most importantly, as a PRODUCER, is all over my own music.
    You either have the mindset that gets him, and the big picture -- warts and all, or you don't. And you're thinking: "sloppy JP -- YJM shreds him under the table."  Blow me.

    I'm hoping to track another recorded tribute to the mighty Zep soon. Stay tuned.
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    I'm maybe number 2 then, DDave...... I don't care about his technical ability, one iota.The man is a GIANT in the DinoRock world, period.I love Zep, always have always will.I also love way more heavier metal, but....Led Zeppelin.Come on. My top 5 always will be Blackmore, Iommi, Page, Schenker & Dharma. Sure I know everyone else's mileage varies but that's my Holy Grail..... THE RULES, if you will. I love The Song Remains The Same movie (& record) so much, I think I'm going to pull the trigger right now & buy the DVD.....I have all the other stuff, except that. I also remember going to see it at this weirdo alternative theater in Seattle that always showed all kinds of crazy flicks, Eraserhead, Monty Python films etc. & my buddies & I would get good & baked for these.....back in the early 80s .....good times.....

    About the whole YJM-technical ability-vs-sloppy-Page BS trip, I've heard that myself & always laughed.... Zoso wrote legendary TUNES you dumbasses.Love me some YJM,obviously but no contest. 
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    Talking about the Stairway solo in The Song Remains the Same, and manh other solos from that album, what amazes me the most is Page's abilty as an improviser. The man has great flow and ability to link ideas. He's not playing the solos like he recorded them, he's changing them and expanding them. Anyone who has tried knows it's not easy to improvise a solo, let alone a long one, to keep playing interesting ideas, and link them coherently,  takes great skill and mental speed and Page achieves it greatly, not only in SRTS but it many recorded Zeppelin concerts. Granted, sometimes his hands couldn't keep up with his ideas, and he sure had some off nights, but it takes some huge balls and confidence to play totally improvosed, off the cuff solos, knowing that they're gonna be recorded, set in stone, for millions of people to listen to.
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    This is exactly what I'm talking about regarding Page.....his improvisational prowess, combined with his brilliant composing ideas.The same goes for Blackmore.
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    I used to think that Purple was untouchable as far as the whole improvisation thing in the hard rock context. To a certain degree, I still do. But I was floored the first time I saw The Song Remains the Same. The whole band was something to behold.
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    My band is opening for a well known Spanish act (they have opened for the Rolling Stones...) in 2 weeks, hopefully in front of an audience of 1000 people or so.... and we're going to sneak a cover of Immigrant Song into our set. 

    I'm so stoked!  =)
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    That's awesome man, post some videos of the show, kick some ass!!!
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    Thanks! Hopefully someone will record it :) 

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