1991- Chick Corea Electric Band

Hell, what a band. Patituci, Marienthal, Weckl, Gambale and Corea himself.

They're all so great, that having one of best solo guitar players, Frank don't make his solo 'till... don't know yet (and I'm finishing the first half). Anyway, hearing the rithm playing is good, to.


  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
    these guys kill! Powerhouse personnel. I just saw Dave Weckl last night for the umpteenth time. Scott Henderson was with them for a while too. 
  • MelodicGritMelodicGrit Posts: 674
    I can't watch or listen to this type of music all the time, but find it very inspiring when I do.  Everyone in the video is an absolute master of what they do, fun to hear and see it in action.
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