JHS pedals has a cool YouTube channel

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It's not exactly dino but it covers the early dino style a lot. The videos are precise and get to the point quickly unlike That Pedal Show *Dan and Mick look at each other for 30 seconds and guffaw at how awesome this thing just sounded *. The guy won't even push his own products - I love the preamp pedal video I saw today where he takes us through the history of the pedal since the beginning and the various classic bands that used the various brands' take on it over the years.

Or this Octave fuzz 101: 

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    I'd have to also say that I've also been enjoying the JHS youtube vids.  Very informative, fun, and creative.  Plus, I like the guy (Josh is his name I think).  I like That Pedal Show by the way, but I agree, sometimes the videos can be really long.   I still find them informative but a lot of the times,  I don't have an hour+ to kill.
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    JHS guy is formative and not personlizes at all on himself.
    He shows the effect, not the pedal. Sometimes his pedals, sometimes not.
    And it's an interview with a freak englishman from a rare pedal brand, very enterteinging.

    And, bonus, each video ends with a musical sugestion.
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    Yeah I like these JHS vids. Sometimes the guy's deliberate quirkiness bugs me, but I can't deny that the videos are cool and fun. Also I have a JHS Sweet Tea and I think it's cool.

    Also Eugenic Scum your summary of what all TPS videos are like is hilarious and dead-on.
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