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Jay GJay G Posts: 2,687
I got to see Y & T last night.  Was my first time since 83 when I saw them open for RUSH and barely knew who they were.  
Wasn’t until years later I realized how much they sounded like and were influenced by Montrose which led me to being a fan.
What I saw last night was an amazing 2.5 hour non stop show.  Hell, most young bands don’t play more than an hour.  
Since this was the 45th anniversary tour Dave and the boys did at least 1 song from every studio album they released with a ton of deep tracks thrown in on top of the hits.
Never have I seen a song oriented band with so much guitar focus.  Every song had at least 1 solo with some having extended solos.  Lots of cool volume swells (thought I was listening to Jeb).  Tone for days regardless of which guitar played.  Dave’s Les Paul tone was awesome but so was his Strat tone.  He also picked up a Kramer Pacer for 2 songs which also sounded great.  Tone is truly in the player.
Overall a great show and I would surely go again.


  • cvansicklecvansickle Posts: 6,240
    Awesome, Jay! I saw Y&T back in 1984 on a triple bill with Twisted Sister and Dokken, at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. I saw them again in 2016 in Atlanta, which was they very next time after 1984 that they played here! But I have to say, in 32 years, Dave Meniketti had lost nothing. NOTHING! His guitar tone, chops, and vocals were like 1984 again.
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  • eduardoritoseduardoritos Posts: 3,674
    I'd attended two times to Y&T gigs. Always awesome. Songs, playing, tone, attitude, voice.

    Next september, they're in my town again. Hope the DVD has come to my house and I could show it to the band, because I'd collaborated with my money in the day #1.
  • BaddstuffBaddstuff Posts: 1,305
    Dave is the real deal! I have seen Y&T numerous times, including the original lineup. Even with Dave as the only original left they still kick ass. Like cvansickle said, Dave has lost nothing. As dino as ever and his vocals are still strong. Highly recommended!
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