• Boss also has its own stompbox version, it's more expensive but it has stereo outputs:
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  • That's dumb. The Dim C's most significant value is in stereo, to add dimension and make a stereo rig sound more dimensional.  In mono, it loses 90% of what's great about it. I have the new one, and in mono, it doesn't add dimension, and it's also too subtle and polite for a straight "chorus effect." In mono, I'd frankly rather have a CE-5 for a straight chorus effect. 
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  • I have never used a stereo setup, and even I can say this is dumb. A chorus pedal should have stereo capabilities, as in, always. otherwise don't bother.
  • Yeah, agree with Dave. No stereo=no dimension.
    My sole experiencie with a stereo chorus (stomp wise) was a 80's boss ch1.
    I was 17 years old, only 2 playing guitar, and knew nothing about chorus, stereo or anything related.
    But, the pedal was incredible great sounding and intuitive. Put the dry guitar on 1, put two cables on the 4 tracker panned and move the button. Always good sounds, and spacy sounds.

    If I was planning a pedalboard, the new D-C would be on board.
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    For the record, I own the TC and both the versions of the Boss, both the original and the reissue. Yes, I'm a dimension nut. :)

    Regarding stereo, I think it sounds impressive enough in mono. It is a subtle but rich chorus effect that doesn't sound overly chorusy, which I have been told is a sound some people dislike. I prefer it in stereo, but one should also keep in mind that what you hear in mono is probably pretty close to what the audience is likely to hear once a stereo split guitar rig is put through a PA system.

    Of course, if you are running any other stereo effects you should be fine. How does it sound? It is not as good as the Boss units, of which I prefer the original for sound and the reissue for flexibility and headroom. In front of the amp it sounds fine, but I found mode 2 underwhelming. In general, it sounds darker and not as rich. It might be something to look at if you are into a more lo-fi sound, but it doesn't have the same shimmer that makes the DC so satisfying to me. In the FX loop I found that it created very little sound, which makes me wonder if it has digital components in it that don't like my loop, which is not 100% series. That should be a red flag regardless of the exact reason why.

    The TC works fine enough in most cases, but I would recommend all dino players to save up for the real OG, now that it is available again.
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    I agree with the no stereo no dimension posters. The dimension was the key many players used to open the lock to a stereo amp setup. It worked back then and it still works today. I wonder if T.C. Electronics offers the left or right channel ?  :p
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