TC Electronics Polytune Mini 2 Noir review

A purchase that will make Sancho very happy because it'll eliminate the need for the headstock tuner in live situations.
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  • mr_crowleymr_crowley Posts: 6,653

    I have the regular sized one. the first version. I think it is a terrific pedal and the poly works a charm.
    I actually got it and not the mini (which just the first version of had come out by that time) was said to not be as good as the big one. Dunno, and maybe they have rectified it now a couple of versions down the line but mayhaps that is why the poly funtion doesn't work that well?
    I hope you can make it work becuase I think it is super handy, especially live if you need to just do a quick tune up between songs.
  • I have a Polytune 2 Mini, I've been very happy with it. I was also surprised when I saw that it's supposed to be more accurate than the Boss TU-3, which was what I used for a million years. TC says the Polytune is accurate to +/-  half a cent in standard mode (and +/- 0.1 cents in strobe mode), whereas Boss says its TU-3 is accurate to +/- 1.0 cents. 

    Now that I've had the Polytune for a while, I could believe that. I also think it responds faster than the TU-3.
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  • cvansicklecvansickle Posts: 6,292
    I got one of these about two years ago for my second board, the one with all the EHX and Cry Baby Mini pedals on it.It's extremely accurate and doesn't color the sound in any way, plus it renders the effects chain completely quiet even when gain pedals are still on.

    It was the arrival of tuners such as these that put my Pedalboard Junction business out of business! For me to actually buy one was a huge step.
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  • StitselStitsel Posts: 2,190
    I have both the regular original white Polytune on my main 1/2 stack rig, & a Polytune Mini Noir on my small combo rig pedalboard....& I love both & swear by 'em too. I never really use the Polytune feature; I always just hit & tune each string separately anyways, but the thing works extremely well & I'm sold. 
  • inmyhandsinmyhands Posts: 11,704
    I'll pass. Twisting my tuners gives me time to master my stage fright.
  • Duojett71Duojett71 Posts: 9,599
    I have the original Polytune mini. I got that when it came out and sold my Tu-2. I think its a great tuner and I love it. I do agree with Dave's assessment of the poly function. It does not seem to agree with the single string function. I rarely use the poly function anyway. I would like to get the second generation mini because it has the strobe function. The strobe on the Polytune clip works very well. I like that tuner as well and use that at home.
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